Necessity Law
Heidi L. Herpel v. County of Riverside, Larry W. Ward, as County Assessor, Real Party in Interest

This case concerns whether Riverside County may impose a tax on possessory
interests in federally owned land set aside for the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
or its members. In 1971, this court held that it may, holding in part that federal law did
not preempt the tax. (Palm Springs Spa, Inc. v. County of Riverside (1971) 18
Cal.App.3d 372.) The tax was also upheld that yea... More...
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Legeorden Maykeithis Plater v. The State of Texas

Need help finding a lawyer for representation for filing an appeal for conviction of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon in Texas?

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In the early morning hours of February 2, 2018, Houston police officers
attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a white van. Instead o... More...
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State of New Jersey v. Randy K. Manning

Need help finding a lawyer for representation determining the New Jersey Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance law in New Jersey?

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Cell-phone records can reveal intimate details about peoples’ lives and
relationships -- the persons and groups with whom they associate, t... More...
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Gregory Martin vs. The Unsafe Building Commission of Huntington, West Virginia

Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning appealing a Building Inspector decision in West Virginia?

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Petitioner Gregory Martin, by counsel Jason Goad, appeals the Circuit Court of Cabell County’s August 6, 2018, order denying him injunctive relief. Respondent The... More...
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Stanlee Sebastian Jones v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning appealing a conviction for first-degree murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and (3) possession of a firearm after a violent felony conviction in Virginia?

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On August 18, 2017, Jones accompanied his gir... More...
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Roy Leeshun Williams v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning appealing convictions for receiving a stolen firearm and possession of marijuana in Indiana?

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On November 19, 2016, around 8:30 p.m., Sergeant Jonathan Nathanson, with the City of
Richmond Police Department, conduct... More...
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United States of America v. Ryan P. Sheridan

Cleveland, OH - The United States of America charged Ryan P. Sheridan with:

Ryan P. Sheridan, 39, the owner and operator of Braking Point Recovery Center, which operated in the Youngstown and Columbus areas, was sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison for crimes related to a health care fraud conspiracy where Medicaid was billed $48 million for drug and alcohol recovery services, much of which w... More...
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Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning challenging a Medical Director’s approval of employee/claimant’s surgery prior to Employer being able to obtain a scheduled second medical opinion in Louisiana?

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Michael Greene, claimant, was injured in a work-related acc... More...
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Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning appealing the trial court’s determination that defendant knowingly and intelligently waived right to trial by jury in Louisiana?

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The basic facts of this case were summarized in our earlier opinion in this
matter, St... More...
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State of Louisiana v. Jerome Richardson

Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning a first degree rape charge in Louisiana?

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On November 17, 2016, Richardson was charged by indictment with
the first degree rape of D.C. The indictment stated that this crime occurred
on July 7, 2016. The jury ... More...
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United States of America v. Sylvester Mitchell

Las Vegas, NV - The United States of America charged Sylvester Mitchell with selling firearms without a license.

A Las Vegas man who sold nearly 200 firearms without a Federal Firearms License was sentenced to two years and five months in prison to be followed by three years of supervised release.

“Through Project Guardian, the Department of Justice is focused on preventing and p... More...
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Need help finding a lawyer for representation concerning a liability insurance policy in Montana?

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High Country Paving, Inc. (High Country), is an asphalt paving company located in
Bozeman. High Country purchased a liability insurance policy from United Fire &
Casual... More...
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United States of America v. James L. Crabb, M.D.

Nashville, TN - The United States of America charged James L. Crabb, M.D., age 78, with conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.

James L. Crabb, M.D., 78, of Loretto, Tennessee, was charged for his role in a $7 million healthcare fraud conspiracy. Crabb was charged in a criminal Information on December 20, 2019, and appeared before a U.S. Magistrate Judge.

According to the chargin... More...
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Juan Antonio Villareal, Jr. v. Steve Gordon as Director, etc.

After prevailing in the trial court on a petition for writ of
mandate, Juan Antonio Villarreal, Jr., filed a motion for attorney
fees under the private attorney general doctrine. (Code Civ.
Proc., § 1021.5.)1 The trial court concluded that Villarreal had
not established that the benefit the writ petition achieved was
conferred on a sufficiently large enough class of persons to ... More...
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Need help finding a lawyer for attempted sexual battery (victim eighteen years of age or older) while in possession of a weapon, and one count of simple battery in Florida?

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The defendant appeals from his convictions on one count of attempted sexual battery (victim eighteen ye... More...
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Countryclub Homes, LLC and Valley Oaks Real Estate, LLC vs. Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Clean Water Commission, Lone Jack Neighbors for Responsible Agriculture, Powell Gardens, Inc., Elizabeth Deich, Ryan Deich and The Robert M. Chamness Trust, Collectively Know as the Powell Parties

Need help finding a lawyer for a concentrated animal feeding operation in Missouri?

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On December 19, 2017, David Ward submitted an application to the DNR for a
proposed Class IB CAFO, comprised of approximately 6,999 head of cattle, to be
located on property in Joh... More...
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Need help finding a lawyer for representation for wrongful death in Missouri?

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In the light most favorable to the verdict, the evidence relevant to the points relied
on includes the following: Mr. Rhoden, the deceased, had prostate issues for several
years. He w... More...
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S.F.G. by Next Friend A.E.R., and A.E.R., Individually, vs. A.M.G.

Need help finding a lawyer for representation for petition for paternity and child custody in Missouri?

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A.M.G. (“Mother”) appeals from the judgment entered by the trial court on the
petition of A.F.R. (“Father”) for paternity and child custody, awarding Father sole leg... More...
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John Doe 122 vs. Marianist Province of the United States and Chaminade College Preparatory, Inc. and Fr. Martin Solma.

Need help finding a lawyer for representation sexual abuse or battery in Missouri? Or

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Appellant was born on May 7, 1953 and attended Chaminade as a high school senior in
1971. At that time, Brother John Woulfe (“Bro. Woulfe”), a Marianist brother, was employed by
... More...
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San Diegans For Open Government v. Public Facilities Financing Authority of the City of San Diego

A citizens’ taxpayer organization sued to invalidate
certain contracts allegedly made in violation of Government
Code section 1090. The question is whether Government Code
section 1092 gives plaintiff the statutory standing to do so. We
hold that section 10921 does not provide plaintiff a private right
of action because it was not a party to the contracts. The Court
of Appe... More...
   $0 (12-29-2019 - CA)

George Lutfi v. Traning, etc., Inc.

George Lutfi appeals from the district court’s orders dismissing his pro se complaint
without prejudice for failure to comply with a court order and denying his motion for
reconsideration. Prior to the relevant court order, the district court directed that the case
proceed with Lutfi as the sole Plaintiff, rather than Class Trainers of the Mid-Atlantic,
which Lutfi owns as a sole p... More...
   $0 (12-16-2019 - MD)

Gregory S. Hood v. John David Gonzales

Defendant and appellant John-David Gonzales (Gonzales) appeals the orders of
the trial court that led to the disbursement of settlement funds to respondents Michael
Silvers, a law corporation (Silvers), Panish, Shea & Boyle (PSB), Michael W. Jacobs
(Jacobs), Case Advance (CA),1 Nexus Physical Therapy (Nexus), and Everence
Association, Inc. (Everence) (Silvers, PSB, Jacobs, CA, Nexu... More...
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Call 918-582-6422 if you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas.

To resolve nine open cases, Coleman and the State reached a global plea agreement as follows:

 In case number 16CR688, Coleman was charged with aggravated robbery. He pled no contest to an amended charge of misdemeanor battery.  In case nu... More...
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Efrain Garcia v. Gary Rosenberg

Plaintiffs filed a malicious prosecution action against defendant, the attorney for
the opposing party in prior litigation. Defendant filed a special motion to strike the action
on the ground it was a strategic lawsuit against public participation. Defendant asserted
plaintiffs’ claim arose out of defendant’s protected petitioning activity, and plaintiffs
could not demonstrate ther... More...
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Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, et al. v. Deutsche Bank, AG

This appeal raises an important issue concerning the investigative authority
of two committees of the United States House of Representatives and the
protection of privacy due the President of the United States suing in his individual,
not official, capacity with respect to financial records. The specific issue is the
lawfulness of three subpoenas issued by the House Committee on Fi... More...
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