Create A Free Expert Witness Listing is a free public access Internet legal information resource. Among other things, MoreLaw collects information about private practice lawyers who are interested in providing legal services to the general public. Basic listings on MoreLaw are similar to FindLaw, and Martindale Hubbell listings but are free.

If you would like to create a basic listing for yourself and the services that you provide to the public in your community, simply click the continue button below, fill out the form and click the submit button.

You will also be asked in your are interested in subscribing to MoreLaw's Premium Internet Marketing Program. If you elect to subscribe at a cost of $30.00 a month charged to your credit card, your basic listing will become an enhanced basic listing or your enhanced basic listing will become a premium listing. If you subscribe, to MoreLaw's Premium Internet Marketing Program, the biographical, contact and practice information about you on MoreLaw's practice subject pages will appear even higher on those pages. You will also be able to upload a photograph of yourself and select up to five additional communities in your practice market area where your biographical, contact and practice information will appear.

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