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Recent Additions To MoreLaw's Free Lawyer Directory
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Hill, Marny Joell - Tulsa, OK
Tulsa County Public Defender's Office
Criminal Defense of the Indigent
Taylor, Matthew L. - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Law Offices of Matthew L. Taylor
Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Wage & Hour Law, Business Litigation,
Baird, Bruce A. - Washington, DC
Covington & Burlington
Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation
Hunter, Bill (William L.) - Charlotte, NC
Hunter & Hein, Attorneys at Law, PLLC
Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Separation, Alimony, Equitable Distribution, Paternity, Legitimation, Guardianship and Incompetency, etc., Criminal Defense: Traffic, Assault, DUI and DWI, Alcohol Offenses, Drug Offenses, Paraphernalia,
Collins, Patrick M. - Chicago, IL
Perkins Coies, L.L.P.
White Collar Criminal Defense
Trombino, Caryn Lara - Chicago, IL
Perkins Coies, L.L.P.
Criminal Defense
Cinquanto, Caroline A. Goldner - Philadephia, PA

Criminal Defense
Morgan, Matthew D. - Augusta, ME
McKee Law, L.L.C., P.A.
Criminal Defense
Schock, W. Bevis - St. Louis, MO

Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Rights
Meyerkord, Matthew D. - St. Louis, MO
Meyerkord, Rineberg & Graham
Medical Malpractice, Automobile Collisions, Products Liability, Wrongful Death, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Workers Compensation, Railroad Injuries (FELA)
Rhodes, James E. - St. Louis, MO
Rhodes & Lally
Civil Litigation, Personal Injury
Corrigan, Michael P. - St. Louis, MO
The Padberg & Corrigan Law Firm
Personal Injury; Workers Compensation; Tort Law; Products Liability; Medical Malpractice
Haber, Anna E. - St. Louis, MO
The Padberg & Corrigan Law Firm
Products Liability, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Webb, Seth S. - St. Louis, MO
Brown & Crouppen, PC
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Products Liability, Civil Litigation
Kelly, Jason P. - St. Louis, MO
Schlichter, Bogard & Denton
Plaintiff Personal Injury, FELA, Federal Employee Liability Act Claims for Injured Employees, Railroad Law
Sansone, Benjamin J. - St. Louis, MO
Sansone / Lauber
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Kuepper, Nicole Burlison - St. Louis, MO
Anderson & Associates
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Martin, Andrew S. - St. Louis, MO
Law Office of Andrew S. Martin
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Niemeyer, Mark Robert - St. Louis, MO
Niemeyer Grebel Kruse
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Products Liability
Lowe, Jeffrey - St. Louis, MO
Carey Danis & Lowe
Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury
Haffner, James F - St. Louis, MO
Law Offices of James F. Haffner
Personal Injury Law, Criminal Defense Law, Workers Compensation Law
McKay, John E. - Kansas City, MO

Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Hilton, Todd E. - Kansas City, MO
Stueve Helder Siegel, L.L.P.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Civil Litigation
Ast, Scott Richard - Kansas City, MO
Scharnhorst, Ast & Kennard, P.C.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
McClain, Daniel L. - Kansas City, MO
Scharnhorst, Ast & Kennard, PC
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Scharnhorst, Todd A. - Kansas City, MO
Scharnhorst, Ast & Kennard, P.C.
Plaintiff Personal Injury; Medical Malpractice; Professional Liability; Commercial Litigation; Products Liability; Civil Litigation
Dickerson, Thomas - Kansas City, MO
Dickerson Oxton, L.L.C.
Personal injury, Car accidents, Medical malpractice, Wrongful death
Kato, Kenneth H. - Spokane, WA

Criminal Defense, Appellate Practice, Dispute Resolution, Family Law
Thomas, Clifton Decherd - Sapulpa, OK

Criminal Defense; Plaintiff Personal Injury; Civil Litigation; Family Law
Lyons, Christopher B. - Pryor, OK
Christopher B. Lyons & Associates
Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
Kania, Charles J. - Tulsa, OK
The Kania Law Office
General Practice; Criminal Law; Felonies; DUI/DWI; Drug Crimes; Personal Injury; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Motorcycle Accidents; Family Law; Child Custody; Child Support; Divorce; Domestic Violence; Paternity; Business Law; Bankruptcy
Luelling, Carrie May - Tulsa, OK

Business and Corporate Law; Family Law; Intellectual Property
Colfax, John A. - Tulsa, OK
John A. Colfax Law firm
Criminal Defense, Insurance Law, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Wirth, James M. - Tulsa, OK
Wirth Law Office
Bankruptcy; Criminal Defense; Family Law; Divorce; Personal Injury; Workers Compensation; Civil Litigation
Williams, Carlos L. - Tulsa, OK
Carlos Williams and Associates, PLLC
Criminal Law; Personal Injury; Workers Compensation; Traffic Violations; Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect; Juvenile Law; Family Law
Ward, Keith Allen - Tulsa, OK
Keith Ward Law Firm
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
Thomas, Robert Nash - Oklahoma City, OK
Parrish DeVaughn
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury
Lewis, Kelsie J. - Oklahoma City, OK
Noland Pettigrew & Bruce, P.C.
Insurance Defense, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense
Pettigrew, William D. - Oklahoma City, OK
Noland Pettigrew & Lewis, P.C.
Insurance Defense, Products Liability Defense, Civil Litigation
Greeno, E. Jay - Wichita, KS
Law Office of E. Jay Greeno
Criminal Defense
Bozzo, Jr., Phillip - San Antonio, TX

Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury
Rowley, Nicholas C. - Decorah, IA
Trial Lawyers for Justice
Personal Injury and Brain Injury
Fatigante, James Michael - Tulsa, OK
Law Offices of James Fatigante
Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, DWI, Traffic Violations, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
Feamster III, James W. - Tulsa, OK
Feamster & Carroll
Family Law, Divorce
Munn, Justin Brian - Tulsa, OK
Smakal Munn, P.C.
Divorce; Family Law; Civil Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR
Jones, Ramona Ann - Tulsa, OK
Law Offices of Ramona Ann Jones
Family Law; Adoption; Estate Planning
Carroll, Adam Patrick - Tulsa, OK
Feamster & Carroll
Family Law, Divorce
Morley, Randal D. - Tulsa, OK
Birmingham, Morley, Weatherford & Priore P.A.
Family Law, Criminal Law, Appellate practice
Johnson, N. Scott - Tulsa, OK

Family Law, Divorce
Dale, Mary Karen - Tulsa, OK

Family Law
Wagner, II, Richard A. - Tulsa, OK
Wagner Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
Family Law, Divorce
Rankin, Nikolas Anthony - Tulsa, OK
Law Office of Randy A. Rankin
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Family Law
Gill III, Loyed Eugene (Trey) - Tulsa, OK
Bond | Gill, P.L.L.C.
Administrative Law, Government, Indian Law, Family Law
Hart, Carla Jean - Muskogee, OK
Allen & Wisner
Family Law
Angel, Eric Lewis - Tulsa, OK

Family Law
Cole, Robert Michael - Tulsa, OK
Fuller Chlouber & Frizzell, L.L.P.
Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Davis, Shannon K. - Tulsa, OK
James, Potts & Wulfers, Inc.
Civil Litigation, Family Law, Divorce
Blackburn, Martha L. - Tulsa, OK
Lyons & Clark, Inc.
Family Law
Ritzhaupt, Kameran Rae - Tulsa, OK
Rogers & Ritzhaupt, P.L.L.C.
Family Law, Divorce
Lyons, Matthew Lightner - Tulsa, OK

Family Law
Cole, David W. - Tulsa, OK
Law Office of David W. Cole
Personal Injury Law; Workers Compensation Law; Domestic Relations Law; Children's Law; Social Security Law; Criminal Defense
Daniels, Ronald Leon - Tulsa, OK
Ronald L. Daniels, P.C.
Criminal Defense, Family Law
Jones, Keith A. - Tulsa, OK

Divorce, Family Law, General Practice, Civil Litigation
Duncan, William Zane - Tulsa, OK

Family Law
Berry, Brian Rodney - Tulsa, OK
Berry & Otterson
Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
Hopkins, Jimmy Lance - Tahlequah, OK
Law Office of Jimmy Lance Hopkins
Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy and Civil Litigation
Small, Charlcee Cay - Fayetteville, AR
James Law Firm
Criminal Defense
Short, Lee Deken - Little Rock, AR
James Law Firm
Criminal Defense
Mote, Nick - Fayetteville, AR
Taylor Law Firm
Criminal Defense
James, Jr., William O. (Bill) - Little Rock, AR
James Law Firm
Criminal Defense; Criminal Law; Federal Criminal Law; Personal Injury; Business Law; Juvenile Law; Felonies; Drug Crimes; Driving While Intoxicated; Fraud; White Collar Crime; Post Conviction Appeals; Assault and Battery; Burglary; Capital Offenses
Harper, Terry D. - Fayetteville, AR
Taylor Law Firm
Criminal Defense
Tisdale, Jr., Thomas S. - Charleston, SC
Hellman Yates & Trisdale
Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Business Litigation
Golding, Henrietta U. - Myrtle Beach, SC
McNair Law Firm, P.A.
Civil Litigation; Banking Law; Commercial Litigation; Employment Law
Sweeney, John Parker - Washington, DC
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, L.L.P.
Class Actions; Products Liability; Environmental & Toxic Tort Litigation; Appellate
Dolan, Matthew - New Haven, CT
Dolan & Dolan, L.L.C.
Personal Injury, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Slip and Fall, Car Accident, Drunk Driving, Dog Bite, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death
Brunvand, Bjorn Erik - Clearwater, FL
Bjorn E. Brunvand, PA
Criminal Defense, Federal Criminal Law, RICO, Racketeering, Fraud, Conspiracy, White Collar Crime, Pre-Indictment, Grand Jury Practice, Drug Trafficking, Sexual Battery,Murder, Money Laundering, Department of Defense, Medicare Fraud and Abuse, Internet La
Ylla, Jr., Robert Norman - Oklahoma City, OK
West & Associates, L.L.P.
Personal Injury; Insurance; Wrongful Death; Insurance Bad Faith; Auto Accidents
West, Jeremy Douglas - Oklahoma City, OK
West Law Frim
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Weathers, Sabre Nichole - Oklahoma City, OK
West & Associates, L.L.P.
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury
Gosney, William A. - Oklahoma City, OK
West, Ylla & Gosney
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Car Wrecks, Civil Litigation
Franke, Jon Charles - Oklahoma City, OK
West Ylla Gosney
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Haubrich, Greg H. - Oklahoma City, OK
Foshee & Yaffe
Toxic Injuries; Personal Injury Law; Product Failure Law; Insurance Law.
Foshee, Jerral W. (Jerry) - Oklahoma City, OK
Foshee & Yaffe
Plaintiff Personal Injury; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Airplane Crash Litigation; Railroad Accidents and Injuries; Products Liability; Wrongful Death; Insurance Bad Faith
Monast, James Paul - Upper Arlington, OH
Monast Law Office, L.L.C.
Workers Compensation Law; Social Security Disability Law; Personal Injury Law; Administrative Law/Regulatory Law; Workers Compensation
Thomas, David Lee - Oklahoma City, OK
Thomas & Terrell, P.L.L.C.
Civil Litigation, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice
Leyja, Vickie Corlitos - Lawton, OK

Personal Injury; Commercial Law; Immigration Law
Capra, Toni Himes - Oklahoma City, OK

Family Law, Divorce
Abney, Jr., William C. (Bill) - Oklahoma City, OK

Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Garrett, Bryan C. - Oklahoma City, OK

Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury
Bonzie, E. Edouard - Oklahoma City, OK
Chandler & Bonzie
Criminal Defense, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Insurance Law, Workers Compensation; Employment Law
Southerland, Jordan Leigh - Oklahoma City, OK
McIntrye Law, P.C.
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Insurance Law
Teasdale, David Luther - Oklahoma City, OK
Foshee & Yaffe
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
Mitchell, Greg - Oklahoma City, OK

Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury
Berry III, Howard Kenneth - Oklahoma City, OK
Law Offices of Howard Kenneth Berry
Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Civil Litigation
Katims, Robert W. - Burlington, VT
Hoff Curtis
Criminal Defense
Camera, Frank D. - Fall River, MA
Law Offices of Frank D. Camera
Criminal Defense
Gibson, Molly - Canon City, CO
11th Judical District Attorney's Office
Colorado Criminal Law Violation Prosecution
Landry, Kevin P - Fall River, MA
Kevin P Landry Law Offices
Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Accidents - car, auto, motorcycle, Nursing Home Neglect, Nursing Home Abuse, Slip and Fall, Dog Bite, work, Workers Compensation, pedestrian, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Product Liability
Fanning, Patrick J. - Gretna, LA
Law Office of Patrick J. Fanning
Criminal Defense
Parrish, Murry James - Oklahoma City, OK
Parrish Law Firm
Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Social Security, Wrongful Death, Car Wrecks, Civil Litigation
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