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Expert Witnesses - Recent Listings
Beck, Eric - Huntsville, Al
Muscle and Nerve Disorders; Musculoskeletal Pain; Neurologic Rehabilitation; Corporate - Outdoor Adventure; Medicolegal Services

Teater, Julie Dawn - Biloxi, MS
Capacity/competency- civil and criminal; child sexual abuse/ child exploitation

Feldt, Dan - Milwaukee, WI
Expertise: Nearly 36 years of consulting on Safety and Industrial Hygiene cases related to Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Legionnaires' Disease, Toxic Substance Exposure (environmental and industrial), Lung Diseases, Histoplasmosis, Noise (Industrial and Community) and Noise Control. Stantec has 250 offices in the US and Canada.

Puffer, Katherine Ann - Chicago, IL
business valuations, damage estimates, financial neutral services for collaborative law engagements

Bellas, Gerard - Eugene, OR
Aviation Product Liability/Accident Investigation. Law Enforcement Special IA Admin/Program Development/Large Tactical Ops. R&D Software Development, Investigation of unaccounted for phenomenon beyond the scope or reach of law enforcement or established scientific institutions. Including missing persons, missing time, observation of UFO with some meaningful association to the interested parties I have a tam of people and a wide range of expertise in many disciplines including computer technology from 1980 to present day.

Morales-Franken, Delia - Mission Viejo, CA
Life care Planning, Legal Nurse Consultant, Case Management, Worker's Compensation

Ashton, Carl - Orange Park, FL
29 years in Automotive, Retail, Operations and Accounting Carl Ashton is an ASE Master Technician, Instructor of Diesel Technology, Professor of Mathematics for Automotive and Diesel Technicians, Former INC 500 CFO, CFO of Cottman Development Corporation, Director of Finance at Driven Brands Shared Services and Controller for Cottman Transmission, Expert in Store Audit, Compilation of Financial Discovery, Depositions and Trial Expert and Forensic Accounting - Floral Operations and Business Disputes for Automotive, Franchise Automotive, Body Repair Shops, Diesel Shop, business Acquisitions and purchases.

Stormer, Henry W. - Weymouth, MA
Fire Investigator, Cause and Origin, Subrogation, Expert Witness, Fire Code, HAZMAT, Investigation, Failure Analysis, Product Liability

Rush, Dale W. - Salinas, CA
AGRICULTURE - Forensic Agronomy - An association of independent consultants with experience in the fields of agronomy, entomology, crop and seed physiology, soil science, plaint nutrition, pest management and agricultural product development.

Miller, James M - Ann Arbor, MI
Warnings, Fires & Explosions, Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors, Slip & Fall, Auto & Vehicular Accidents, Agriculture, Boats, machine safety.

Grayson, Robert A. - San Juan Capistrano, CA
Dr. Robert Grayson, a marketing and management consultant, has combined 30 years of consulting, industry experience with an advertising agency and a multinational packaged goods company, with a long career teaching at a major graduate school to give him a very broad perspective on the critical contributions that marketing can make in legal cases.

Freytag, Jack - Newport Beach, CA
Noise control consulting in all areas of noise and vibration measurement, analysis, software and hardware design, noise modeling, vibration modeling, sound insulation design, installation, and measurement.

Berliner, Robert W. - New York, NY
Securities Fraud; Accounting Malpractice; Post Acquisition Disputes; Forensic Accounting; Fraud Investigation; Contract Disputes; Damages and Lost Profit Calculations. Former National Office Accounting and Auditing Partner at a "Big 8" CPA firm; has served as a member of the Auditing Standards Board and the FASB Emerging Issues Task Force; was the Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee of the New York State Society of CPAs; was an adjunct professor of accounting at NYU's Stern School of Business; and has testified in a variety of cases in Federal and State Courts throughout the country. BS, MBA, CPA, CFE.

Olita, Suzanne M. - Blue Bell, PA
TASA provides local, regional and national professionals for consulting and testifying in Forensic Accounting, Antitrust, Auditing, Bankruptcy, Business Dissolutions, Business Valuations

Brown, Curtis R. - Houston, TX
Worldwide independent, professional consulting services to insurance companies, law firm, corporations and government agencies. Rimkus assists clients in the responsive and timely resolution of claims and disputes.

Neches, Thomas M. - Los Angeles, CA
CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, CFE, Accounting - Business Interruption/Lost Profits

Gross, Stephen R. - Atlanta, GA
Forensic Accounting - Valuation of Domestic Assets in divorce caes of wealthy litigations, valuation and location of hidden assets, busienss and contract disputes, damages calculations, future earnings, etc.

DiGabriele, James A. - Fairfield, NJ
Forensic Accountants, Investigative Accounting, Financial Analysis, Damages and Lost Profits

Emory, William Brooks - New Orleans,, LA
Internal medicine, Pulmonology

Burgher, Peter H. - Port St. Joe, FL
Accounting matters, Audit failures, Cost determination, Insurance Claims, Securities fraud, Employee and labor claims, Lost profits, Damage measurement, Specialized businesses, Professional firm Valuation, National prominence in professional firm disputes.

McNulty, James E. - Boca Raton, FL

Pakter, Michael David - Chicago, IL
Michael D. Pakter is a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Public Account, A Certified Fraud Examiner and A Certified Insolvency and Restructing Advisor with a Certification in Distressed Business Valuation.

Gelman, Glenn M. - Santa Ana, CA
Expert Testimony, Forensic Accounting, Litigation Consulting, Deposition Strategy, Arbitrations, Business Interruption, Lost Profits, Marital Dissolution, Construction Claims, Fraud, Alter Ego, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling. Nationally recognized expertise in Construction Accounting. Memberships: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, California Society of CPAs, National Litigation Support Services Association, Forensic Expert Witness Association, Engineering Contractors Association, American Subcontractors Association, Southern California Contractors Association. Awards: Digest 50 award as one of the top fifty medium sized CPA firms, named Best Accounting Firm for the Construction Industry by Construction Link. Marital dissolution, construction claims, partnership dissolution, wrongful termination, lost profits

Monaco, Joseph A. - Martinsville, NJ
OSHA, ANSI, Safety Standards

Villalobos, Antonio - Beverly Hills, CA
ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION - Automotive/Vehicular Traffic and vehicular accident reconstruction: auto, truck, pedestrian, occupant kinematics, low speed impacts. Biomechanical engineering issues.

Gunzler, Thomas - Pacific Palisades, CA
Forensic Engineering Consultants

Campbell, Ed - Venture, CA
Areas of Expertise: Polymers & Plastics; Patents; Materials Science Blow molding, packaging and packaging machinery expert witness and technical consultant, experienced in issues of personal injury and death, intellectual property and patent infringement in related technologies. Experienced in accident reconstruction.

Stoller, Mitchell S. - Rancho Santa Margarita,, CA
Marine accidents - Expert witness in the marine industry.

Givon, Bernd S. - Beverly Hills, CA
Over forty-five years experience in testing, inspection, failure analysis & accident reconstruction involving consumer & commercial products, industrial & construction equipment, premises liability & investigating misuse, abuse, hazards & safety violations, including: Slip, trip & fall; Chairs, appliances, office & juvenile furniture; Playground, exercise & sports equipment; Carts, bicycles & wheelchairs; Ladders, shelves, lifts & conveyors; Machine guarding & power tools; Glass containers & glazing breakage; Gates, doors windows & hardware; Garments, textiles & fabric flammability; Burns & scalding mishaps; Children's toys & games; Automobile & truck accessories. Design & manufacturing defects; Critique instructions & warnings; Damage assessment; Patent infringements; Detailed CV & Fees available upon request.

Hirschler, Carcelo M. - Mill Valley, CA
Fire Safety; fire testing; fire litigation; automotive (cars, buses, trains); electrical cables; mattresses; furniture;p insulation; interior finish; testiles; fabrics; Christmas Trees, etc.

Frye, Jack - Murrieta, CA
Fire origin and cause expert. Court certified expert. 28 years of expertise. Member of the California Conference of Arson Investigators, International Association of Arson Investigators.

Bartel, Eugene - McKees Rocks, PA

Professional Accidental Fire Origin and Cause Investigation; Forensic Engineering Evaluation of Fire Evidence; Electrical Accident Investigation; Engineering Evaluation of Products Relative to Defects as related to Liability Analysis; Laboratory Testing & X-Ray Analysis; Subrogation Specialists; Trial Exhibit Preparation Services. Over 30 years of experience in Fire and Accident Investigation and Trial Testimony.

Becker, Theodore J. - Everett, WA

Analyzing the Effects of Injury

Dr. Becker is recognized by the medical and legal professions as the leading expert on hard-data performance testing and capacity evaluation. His unique combination of specializations (including a PhD in Human Performance and certifications in rehabilitation, disability analysis, and sports science) results in extensive research and innovation in human performance testing and devices, including the unique testing approaches used at EPI Rehab

Former US Swimming Olympic Team Head Trainer, Dr. Becker has been featured in Sports Illustrated's 1984 Olympic Issue, Outside Magazine, and Swim Magazine. He is also the recipient of the First National Athletic Trainers Association Outstanding Research Award, Robert W. Sandell Research Award by the National Association of Disability Evaluating Professionals, and was a contributor to the research group awarded the Volvo Research Award for lumbar spine research.

Dr. Becker frequently presents papers to academic and professional associations, and is recognized as an "Extremely Credible Witness" in the area of human performance testing in the US Western District Court.

Helmer, P.E., Ray G. - Houston, TX
Licensed Professional Engineer: Civil engineering; hydraulics, hydrology; drainage, flooding, stormwater management; sanitary engineering; sewer lines, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants; sewer overflows; water lines, pump stations, water treatment plants, water disinfection byproducts (DBPs); defects, delay, fraud; plumbing; firewater pressure, volume, adequacy; tornado, hurricane, earthquake damage; highway geometry, intersections, street engineering, grading, earthwork; sight distance; transportation/traffic engineering; traffic accidents; traffic signals, signs; pavement marking, highway lighting; train, automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian accidents; hydroplaning; traffic accident expert testimony involving city, county, state DOTs; construction accidents; structures; foundation failure, structural damage, water intrusion; engineered product liability/defects; FAA standards; airport pavement, lighting, signing; soil expansion, contraction, settlement.

Green, Scott - Stuart, FL
ESI Provides Elite Experts in: Digital and Electronic Evidence, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics Trucking, Truck Accident Investigation and Trucking Regulations, Truck Safety Consulting, Heavy Vehicles & Hazardous Materials Sports and Fitness, Fitness Facility Standard of Care Real Estate & Land, Real Estate Syndication Bankruptcy and Corporate Governance Accident Reconstruction & Product Failure Analysis!

Cossette, Leonard C - Tulsa, OK
Computer Security, Information Security, Information Technology, Information Risk, Audit and Compliance, Security Incident Management

Pardue, John - Baton Rouge, LA
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) - Dr. John Pardue is the Elizabeth Howell Stewart Endowed Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Louisiana State University. he is also the Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program Coordinator. GoMRI-funded projects: - Recovery and Remediation of Emulsified Oil in Contaminated Marshes: Biostimulation and Natural Recovery (Year One Block Grant-LSU) - Biodegradability of MC252 Oil-Sand Aggregates on Rapidly Eroding Coastal Beach Environments (RFP-III) Education: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A., 1992 M.S. in Marine Sciences, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A., 1987 B.S. in Biology (Cum Laude), Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A., 1983

Burtt, Leslie Patrick - Temecula, CA
General engineering and building contractor with background in mechanical, piping, plumbing, concrete structures, water intrusion issues and general building trades.

Ritter, Melissa - Cleveland, OH
Expert attorney marketing agency providing SEO and digital marketing for lawyers and law firms.

Bartel, Aaron - McKees Rocks, PA
Our experts, Eugene Bartel and Aaron Bartel, are experienced engineers who have been engaged in the scientific investigation of the various aspects of fire origin and the evaluation of electrical and mechanical accidents and water damage claims since 1968, with over 50 man-years of experience in the field.We have participated in the analysis and evaluation of more than 1,500 fires, electrical accidents and water damage claims. Our extensive background makes it unnecessary to engage one group to do the origin and cause investigation and another to do the engineering analysis of the incident - we are experienced in both aspects and have a proven track record throughout the United States.

Agosti, John M. - Wauconda, IL
Fire Cause & Origin; Arson Defense; Fire Related Injury/Death Cases; Vehicle Fires; Explosion & Gas Fires; Building & Fire Code Research; Fire Department Operations; Fire Department Management/Labor Consulting. Over 28 years of fire dept. experience blended with 15 years of private investigations for insurance companies, attorneys and as an expert witness. Over 1,500 fires investigated. Experienced in plaintiff/defense/criminal/civil cases. Qualified in state and federal courts. Free initial phone consultation. Fire Science Degree, State Certified Fire Investigator.

Engberg, Robert E. - Mora, MN
ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION - Fires & Explosions,LP gas, butane, natural gas and ammonia systems;boilers, burners and vaporizers; carbon monoxide asphyxiation from camping heaters; HVAC systems:garden tractor mishaps and stability studies;

Farid, Hany - Hanover, NY

Identification of Fake Photographs, Deciphering Severly Degraded License Plates, Identification of Pronography on the Internet, How To Beat Islamic State Using Algorithms; Digital Forensics, Image Analysis, Human Perception; Computer Vision; Medical Imaging; Computational Biology

Vasiliades, John - Omaha, NE
Forensic Toxicology - Dr. John Vasiliades, PhD, DABFT, DABCC, laboratory director and chief consultant at Toxicology Laboratories, Inc., of Omaha, Nebraska, will teach a day course in forensic toxicology for attorneys titled “Forensic Toxicology for Attorneys 2017: Alcohol, Drugs, and How to Use an Expert” in Houston, Texas.

Kosinski, Michal - Sanford, CA
Computational Psychologist and Big Data Scientist

I am an Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before, I was a post-doc at Stanford's Computer Science Department, the Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, and a researcher at Microsoft Research. I also coordinate the myPersonality project, which involves global collaboration between over 150 researchers, analyzing the detailed psycho-demographic profiles of over 8 million Facebook users. While at Cambridge University, I started an open-source online adaptive testing platform Concerto and ApplyMagicSauce.com predictive engine.

I hold a PhD in Psychology from University of Cambridge, an MPhil in Psychometrics, and a MS in Social Psychology. Prior to entering academia, I founded a successful ITC start-up and served as a brand manager for a major digital brand.

My research focuses on individual differences in behavior, preferences, and performance. Specifically, I am interested in the mechanisms linking psychological traits (such as personality) with a broad range of organizational and social outcomes, including job performance, person-job fit, consumer preferences, and ideology, as well as the expression and recognition of psychological traits from behavioral residues, language, and facial features. I conduct my research using a range of computational methods, including machine learning, data mining, and observational studies involving millions of participants.

Malanga, Robert - Long Valley, NJ
ENGINEERING - Fire Protection

Spaulding, LCDC. CART, Stan D. - Bryan, TX
Drug and Alcohol evaluations, adult and juvenile. Expert Witness.

Kinsey, Barry allan - Tulsa, OK
Alcohol related issues: intoxication,blood alcohol levels, alcohol and accidents, alcoholism and other types of chemical dependency. Chemical dependency treatment, etiology, intervention.

Smith, CMAT, CMTT, H. Lyn - Akron, OH
Forensic Mechanics. Master Mechanic. Mechanical explanations for vehicle accidents: Automobiles, HD Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, Motorcycles, RV\'s, Motor-homes, Construction Equipment, Race Cars. Lemon Law Matters.

Woodrum, Clayton - Tulsa, OK
In addition to providing you with a profile of our firm and the services we provide, this Website has been designed to become a helpful resource tool to you, our valued clients and visitors. Our dedication to superior client service has brought us to the Internet as we endeavor to continue to provide the highest quality professional service and guidance. At Woodrum, Tate & Associates, PLLC we're fluent in the significant, elegant language of financial opportunity. That's why, as a full-service financial consulting and accounting firm, we can provide services far beyond those of a traditional Certified Public Accounting firm. As you browse through our Website, you will see that not only have we highlighted background information on our firm and the services we provide, but have also included useful resources such as informative articles (in our Newsletter section) and interactive financial calculators (in our Financial Tools section). In addition, we have taken the time to gather many links to external Websites that we felt would be of interest to our clients and visitors (in our Internet Links section). While browsing through our Website, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have - we'd love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our clients' inquiries and suggestions.

Roberts, Judith (Judy) - Boston, MA

Dr. Judy Roberts is a managing director in Grant Thornton’s Forensic & Valuation Services practice in Boston. She is a PhD economist with more than 20 years of combined academic and nonacademic experience, who has conducted numerous large-scale econometric studies on a variety of subjects and across a broad range of industries. She is experienced in statistical and econometric methodologies and is adept at applying these techniques to large, complex data sets. She has extensive experience applying these skills to litigation and other disputes involving securities and other financial markets, as well as in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Roberts has assisted clients with regulatory, antitrust, contract and intellectual property disputes. Prior to entering the litigation consulting arena, Roberts was a professor of economics at California State University, Long Beach, and a visiting faculty member at University of Southern California. She has published research in leading economic journals, including the Review of Economics and Statistics, National Tax Journal and the Journal of Public Economics.

Noble, Jeffrey J. - Rancho Santa Margarita , CA

Mr. Noble retired in 2012 as the Deputy Chief of Police of the Irvine Police Department located in southern California after 28 years of policing service. The Irvine Police Department is a full-service public safety agency that provides several special program areas including Emergency Management, Regulatory Affairs, Crime Prevention, DARE, School Resource Officers, K-9s, Traffic Enforcement, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, General Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, Special Investigations (vice, narcotics, intelligence), and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). The Irvine Police Department employs a full-time staff of 205 sworn officers and 100 civilian employees and serves a city with a population of over 224,000.

In 2014, Mr. Noble accepted a temporary position as the Deputy Chief of Police for the Westminster, CA Police Department. That department was the subject of a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit from three of its officers and two officers had been arrested for different acts of criminal conduct. Mr. Noble was hired to facilitate the efforts of an independent oversight official, to review department polices and procedures, to conduct department audits and to provide day-to-day management and leadership for the department.

Mr. Noble has extensive experience in consulting and expert witness analysis and has been retained in the states of California, Texas, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, South Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Illinois, Arkansas, Idaho and Louisiana.

Brashfield, Michael - Port Ludlow, WA

Police Policies

Michael Brasfield served as the Chief of Police for the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Police Department for 6 years. Prior to that he served for 26 years with the Seattle Police Department through the ranks - from police officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, and then retired as an assistant chief. Mr. Brasfield was elected as Sheriff of Jefferson County, Washington in 2003. He was overwhelmingly re-elected to that position by an 80% majority in the November 2006 general election. Mr. Brasfield retired from active law enforcement in 2009.

In addition to his prior law enforcement management career, Michael Brasfield has been active as a consultant and expert in public safety and police procedures, policy development, evaluation and training since 1986. He specializes in police legal issues. His clients have included federal, state, and municipal governments, private non-profit foundations, corporations, educational institutions, and attorneys.

He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Washington, and is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police in Washington, D.C.

Current pediatric and adult emergency nurse with certification in emergency nursing.28 years of clinical experience and 15 as a testifying expert.

Cahanin, Gregory J. - St. Petersburg, FL
Fire expert witness performing origin and cause fire investigations nationally. Gregory J. Cahanin meets the professional qualifications of NFPA 1033, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator as documented in a Florida declaratory statement held by no other fire expert in the state. Investigations include the Station Nightclub Fire in 2003 with 100 fatalities. In Wyatt v. Security Alarms Co., Inc. key testimony on the failure of a Viking automatic fire sprinkler established a product liability that resulted in a $1.4M dollar jury award for Wyatt. Specialty areas of forensic expertise include kitchen fire suppression system, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm failures. Fire and Building Code construction defect findings are supported by 40 years of working with national codes and standards. Gregory Cahanin performs code compliance and development for property owners and manufacturers.

Martin, Kenneth D - Las Vegas, NV
Door and Gate Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant\r\nForensic work, accident analysis, site inspections, expert reports, testimony, litigation support. Garage doors, gates, fire doors, hollow metal doors, etc.

Zoch, Bob - Lincoln, TX
ENSR, ENSR Consulting and Engineering Testified in: Harris County and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality v. International Paper Company

Hanisch, Craig - stockton, CA
Family Law in Stockton CA

Sifuentes, Jesús - Amarillo, TX
Spanish Language Court Interpreter\\Spanish Language Interpretation and Translation Revision\\Spanish-Speaking Witness Preparation/ Will assist counsel in determining a \"good\" interpretation and/or translation from police officers, bilingual personnel, transcription/translation of interviews.

, - Tulsa, OK
Full service licensed, bonded and insured Oklahoma private investigative agency.

DeMars, Sam - Seattle, WA
Foundation Solvers gives expert building foundation and structure inspections. Residential and business property.

Richardson, George Randall - Orlando, OK
Basic mechanical engineering with extensive experience in the horizontal directional drilling industry and the construction equipment industry.

Shipkevich, Felix - New York, NY

de Quillacq, Gontran Jerome - Fair Haven, NJ
Gontran de Quillacq was a portfolio manager / derivatives trader / quant for 20 years. He worked at Société Générale, Lehman Brothers, Tykhe Capital, Nomura and HSBC, both in London and New York. He traded most forms of Equity Derivatives, managed numerous investment and proprietary trading strategies. \r\n\r\nIn 2013, Mr. de Quillacq became an executive recruiter. He worked at The Atlantic Group and IJC Partners. He is now the Managing Partner of Navesink International, which focuses on experienced investment personnel for the investment industry. Our clients include some of the most prestigious & demanding hedge funds and family offices.\r\n\r\nMr. de Quillacq provide expert witness services in the fields of\r\n• Portfolio Management, financial analysis, quantitative research, derivatives, investments, risks, asset management, hedge funds\r\n• Recruitment of investment personnel: portfolio managers, analysts, researchers, C-levels…

Andrews, James H - Greensburg, PA
I specialize in quick turnaround on urgent cases.\r\n\r\nEXPERTISE AREAS\r\nDeath Penalty Sentence Mitigation analysis and report\r\nJuvenile sentencing mitigation analysis and report\r\nBehavioral Health administration and services malpractice analysis\r\nPsychotherapy malpractice analysis\r\nWrongful death in psychotherapy and residential services\r\nAssessment of alleged victim and their account of incident.\r\nAssessment of alleged assailant and their account of incident.\r\nAssessment of prior treatment & clinical documentation of alleged victim and assailant.\r\nChild abuse evaluation.\r\nChild custody evaluation.\r\nAnalysis of expert witness testimony.\r\nCrime scene photo analysis.\r\nPolice and autopsy report analysis. \r\n\r\nEXPERT SERVICES\r\nAssessment of alleged victim and their account of incident.\r\nAssessment of alleged assailant and their account of incident.\r\nAssessment of prior treatment & clinical documentation of alleged victim and assailant.\r\nChild abuse evaluation.\r\nChild custody evaluation.\r\n\r\nCREDENTIALS\r\nDegrees in Social Work, Psychology and Business Management\r\nDoctoral work in threat assessment and violence prediction\r\nBCD (Board Certified Diplomate): The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work\r\nLCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker): Pennsylvania\r\nLICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker): West Virginia & Massachusetts\r\nCSMS: Certified Sentence Mitigation Specialist (American College of Certified Forensic Counselors) \r\nDCFC: Diplomate of the American College of Certified Forensic Counselors\r\nFellow: American College of Forensic Examiners\r\nCertified Investigator: Office of Mental Retardation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania\r\n\r\nAdjunct Faculty Appointments:\r\nUniversity of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Social Work: 2005-present\r\nCase Western Reserve University-MSASS: 2010-present\r\nSimmons College - School of Social Work: 2015-present\r\nCalifornia University of Pennsylvania Social Work Dept: 2013-2016\r\n

Palfin, Richard A. - Sunnyvale, CA
Economics, Present Values of Future Medical Expenses and Economic Losses, brokerage and analysis of structured settlements and annuities - Defendant and Plaintiff

An, Tae Lyong - Chicago, IL
Pathology - Mentioned in Stae v. Colopy, 2011 Ohio 6120.

Matlock, Alvey - Fort Smith, AR
Guardian provides professional services in the field of computer forensics investigations and data recovery. Guardian is a Arkansas and Oklahoma based company that also serves the surrounding states Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Digital investigative services include civil, corporate, private, and criminal. We also specialize in Data recovery services for commercial and consumers. Accidental or intentionally deleted files can be recovered with our expertise. Recovering the facts and your data is our business.

Robles, Osvaldo - MIAMI, FL
Honorably retired PO (Miami-Dade Police Dept. 29+ yrs). Certified Police Train-the-Trainer/Instructor (28+ yrs.) in Use-of-Force, Police Tactics/Training, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Driving, and 1ST Aid. Retained, Consulted & Testified (24+ yrs) in State & Federal Courts.

Jaynstein, Dayna - Denver, CO
Physician assistant with 7 years of Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care experience, as well as academic teaching experience available for, and experienced with, case merit review, PA standard of care, scope of practice, deposition, and testimony.

Radosevich, Emil A. - Albuquerque, NM
Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction - Former police officer with 25 years of accident investigation experience. Motorcycle safety expert.

Litman, Dr. Ronald - Philadelphia, PA
Pediatric anesthesia, airway management, malignant hyperthermia, sedation, medication errors

Sullivan, Joe - Edmond, OK
Computer Crime, network security, Firewalls, Penetration testing.\\\\r\\\\nAuto Repair Fraud

Rohrer, Jennifer M - Washington, DC, VA
Dr. Rohrer\\\\\\\'s practice focuses on the clinical and forensic assessment and evaluation of adolescents and adults in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. She is usually hired by attorneys or the court to conduct evaluations on individuals who are involved in a legal process. However, her services are also sought out by individuals who would like to provide an evaluation to his or her attorney or the court proactively. Such evaluations include, but are not limited to, criminal and civil competencies, mental state at time of the offense, risk/violence assessment, pre-sentence, mitigation/sentencing, sexual offender, malingering, and other psycho-legal issues.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n Additionally, Dr. Rohrer conducts comprehensive psychological assessments. Such assessments include cognitive/intellectual, personality, substance abuse, and diagnostic clarification.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nDr. Rohrer has also taught master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s- and doctoral-level clinical and forensic psychology courses since 2008 at various universities, including the George Washington University.

Neithercutt, Jeff - Davis, CA
Computer Security and Information Security, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Hardware Security, Physical Security, Law Enforcement, Digital Chain of Custody, Forensics, Computer Forensics, Computer Evidence

Feigenbaum, Jonathan - Boston, MA

Costanzo, Lori - San Jose, CA
25 years of experience in both state and federal venues throughout the Bay Area, Costanzo Law Firm specializes in all aspects of employment claims including discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Daniels, Roy - Sedona, AZ
Dental Expert Witness Dental Standards of Care in General Dentistry, Preparation of Dental Expert Witness Reports, Dental Trauma Review and Review of Dental Trauma Claims Dental Insurance- False and Exaggerated Claims Review of Dental Trauma Claims due to Motor Vehicle Accidents, episodes chewing on food and others, Dental Billing & Collection analysis for fraudulent dental billing, Dental Record Analysis Evaluation for Dental or Medical Necessity & Appropriateness of Care Dental Fraud Investigation, Dental Legal Case Consulting, Deposition and Courtroom Testimony, Independent dental expert record review services for causation and standard of care

Ashley, Holly T - Scottsdale, AZ
Expert in violent behavior, specifically domestic abuse. Holly T. Ashley is a 30 year veteran of the domestic violence cause working as a counselor, educator, speaker, jury profiler and mock-trial facilitator. Holly is a published author, writer and domestic violence lay-counselor and lay-legal advocate trainer

Rodriguez, Ivan - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ivan Rodriguez is a retired Lieutenant of the Miami Dade Police Dept. He has 31 years of experience in law enforcement and is currently a Police Academy Instructor. He has consulted and testified as an expert in Federal and State Court in Police Policy and Procedures, Excessive and Deadly Force,False Arrest,Swat,Police-Training,Traffic Stops, Vehicle Pursuit, Background Checks

Loftus, Elizabeth F. - Irvine, CA
Psychology, False Memories, Eye Witness Identification

Shepard, John - Norfolk, VA
Ophthalmologist - plaintiff.

Fitzgerald, Bob - Sand Springs, OK

Marick, Brian K. - Tulsa, OK
GFAC Engineering, Inc. is a full service geotechnical engineering firm of choice. We strive to be an extension of your staff so that your project needs are met in a timely, professional, and effective manner. GFAC Engineering, Inc. understands that all projects, no matter their size, are important and deserve a high level of service. We know that each project needs to be scoped in a manner that meets the needs of each project, and the deliverable is tailored to for that project. We understand that one solution does not fit all of our clients or our client’s projects. At the core of GFAC Engineering, Inc., and how we approach each project are: Honesty – We want to be your Trusted Advisor. Without honesty at all levels in the relationship there cannot be trust. Integrity – The consistency of actions, values, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes. Responsiveness – All communications are important and need to be addressed as soon as is practical, and meeting clients deadlines are of utmost importance. Fiduciary Responsibility – We are to be wise stewards of our clients and company money. Risk Awareness – All projects carry an inherent risk, all parties need to be made aware of the risks and know each other’s risk tolerance.

Minks, Allen - Belleville, IL
We are a full service civil engineering, environmental, and contracting firm with an impressive portfolio of federal, state, county, and private project experience.

Trabue, Thomas E. - Columbia, MO
Trabue, Hansen and Hinshaw, Inc. (THHinc) is dedicated to providing ‘quality technical solutions and personal service’ to our clients. While we have a varied array of clients, they have one thing in common — they appreciate our solution oriented approach — we meet budgets and schedules — and we are team players. THHinc . . . . . . about the possibilities! Why THHinc? We are committed to identifying the specific needs of each project and client, and then partnering with you to meet the stated objectives. Standard solutions to unique problems do not always provide the best outcome. The result — an up-to-date solution which makes the best use of new technology and progressive thinking. Selecting THHinc takes your project from an idea to a finished product. We make it happen. Our team turns your visions — your dreams — into realities.

Darer, CLU ChFC CSSC, John D. - Stamford, CT
Structured settlements, Financial Transactions

Davis, M.D., Jordan K. - Santa Fe, NM
All aspects of complex spine and brain care, pain management, IMEs and Spinal Cord Injuries. Board certfied, defense and plaintiff, articulate.

Gross, Karl F. - Denver, CO
Neurology - Electrodiagnostic Medicine - Pain Management - Defense

Davis, Michael - Glendale, AZ
The Personal Injury calculators in use today place a heavy emphasis on the subjective value associated with "pain and suffering". This is often done because there is no obvious economic damages associated with the case. How can a permanent injury result in large economic damages when there is no loss of income? This white paper demonstrates the "go to" technique used by the leading Forensic Economics firms to leverage economic damages for virtually any situation.

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