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Eminent Domain Law
L.D.R. v. Commissioners, Social Security Administration

A mother contests the decision that her minor son (whom we refer to as L.D.R.) did not qual-ify for social security disability benefits until second grade. She also seeks retroactive payments for the first year of L.D.R.’s life, before she applied for assistance, chall... More...
   $0 (04-15-2019 - IN)

United States of America v. Bogdan Nicolescu and Radu Miclaus

Cleveland, OH - Two Romanian Cybercriminals Convicted of All 21 Counts Relating to Infecting Over 400,000 Victim Computers with Malware and Stealing Millions of Dollars

A federal jury convicted two Bucharest, Romania, residents of 21 counts related to t... More...
   $0 (04-11-2019 - OH)

Lilli Shoen v. Juliet Zacarias

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When a landowner grants someone permission to use her
land, she generally retains the right to revoke that license at any
time. (Emerson v. Bergin (1888) 76 Cal. ... More...
   $0 (04-08-2019 - CA)

State of Tennessee v. Jocelin Williams

More...   $0 (04-07-2019 - TN)

Damien Guedes v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Explosives

In October 2017, a lone gunman armed with bump-stock-enhanced semiautomatic weapons murdered 58 people and wounded hundreds more in a mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the wake of that tragedy, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“Bureau... More...
   $0 (04-01-2019 - DC)

James Alvin Jarvis v. Todd Henry Jarvis

Appellant Jarvis Properties is a limited partnership that owns a two-acre parcel of
land. Its two general partners—appellant Todd Henry Jarvis and respondent James Alvin
Jarvis (brothers)—each own a 50 percent interest in the partnership, which is less than the
majority consent required to act on behalf of the partnership (Corp. Code, § 15904.06,
subd. (a)). The general partners ca... More...
   $0 (03-20-2019 - CA)

United States of America v. Sirous Asgari

In 2012, federal agents learned that Iranian scientist Sirous Asgari was working on cutting-edge metallurgy research at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The government suspected that Asgari had lied on his visa application and had transmi... More...
   $0 (03-19-2019 - OH)

Patrick Hately v. Dr. David Watts

Patrick Hately brought this action alleging that David Watts unlawfully accessed messages in Hately’s web-based email account in violation of the Virginia Computer Crimes Act and the federal Stored Communications Act. But the district court found that Hately failed to demonstrate the requis... More...
   $0 (03-07-2019 - VA)

Daniel Flores Jr. v. The State of Texas

The trial court’s certification in this appeal states that “this criminal case is a plea-bargain
case, and the defendant has NO right of appeal.” Th... More...
   $0 (03-06-2019 - TX)

United States of America v. John Maddux, Jr., Christina Carman, Julie Coscia and Michael E. Smith

The defendants here took part in a decade-long scheme surreptitiously to sell tax-free cigarettes, thereby defrauding federal, state, and local governments of more than $45 million in tax revenue. The federal government eventually uncovered the scheme and charged them with 34 ... More...
   $0 (02-27-2019 - KY)

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority v. Yum Yum Donut Shops, Inc.

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Plaintiff Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation
Authority (MTA) sued defendant Yum Yum Donut Shops, Inc.
(Yum Yum) in eminent domain ... More...
   $0 (02-27-2019 - CA)

John Johnston v. Prudential Insurance Company of America

John Johnston appeals a district court1 order finding that Prudential Insurance
Company of America (“Prudential”) did not abuse its discretion when it terminated
his long term disability benefits. We affirm the district court’s order.
1The Honorable Davi... More...
   $0 (02-26-2019 - MO)

State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Department of Transportation v. the Helm Living Trust

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Stilwell, OK - The State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Department of Transportation sued The Helm Living Trust on an eminent domain theory seeking to acquire b... More...
   $20000 (02-22-2019 - OK)

Jo Levitt v. Merck & Company, Inc.

Merck & Company, Inc. (“Merck”) manufactured and distributed Vioxx as a
medication to relieve pain and inflammation between 1999 and 2004. Plaintiff Jo
Levitt began taking Vioxx during the summer of 1999. She suffered card... More...
   $0 (02-04-2019 - MO)

Booking.com B.V. v. The United States Patent and Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “USPTO”) and Booking.com (“Booking.com”) both appeal the district court’s summary judgment ruling regarding the protectability of the proposed trademark BOOKING.COM.1 The USPTO appeals on the ground that the district court erred in con... More...
   $0 (02-04-2019 - VA)

County of Hennepin vs. Sandip C. Bhakta, et al.

Tulsa Contract Legal Secretarial Services

In May 2012, the County filed a condemnation petition with the district court to
acquire the Bhaktas’ B... More...
   $0 (01-25-2019 - MN)

Charlotte Robinson v. Dovol, Inc. and C.R. Bard, Inc.

C.R. Bard, Inc., manufactures a sur-gical mesh patch used to repair hernias by implantation. The patch consists of two pieces of mesh that surround a flexible plastic ring. During a hernia repair, the patch is folded to fit through a small incision, then the plastic ring sprin... More...
   $0 (01-22-2019 - IN)


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406 South Boulder and 625 South Denver - 918 - 582-3993

... More...
   $0 (01-22-2019 - PA)


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In December 2014, Wright was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1). He pleade... More...
   $0 (01-22-2019 - PA)

United States of America v. Raymont Wright

The District Court barred a retrial of and dismissed the indictment against Defendant Raymont Wright with prejudice after two juries failed to reach a verdict. The Court did so relying on its inherent authority, but without find... More...
   $0 (01-18-2019 - PA)

Michele L. Brandt, as Trustee of the Michele L. Brandt Revocable Trust Agreement v. City of Fargo And Karen C. Wieland v.City of Fargo

On December 5, 2016, the Fargo City Commission passed a resolution of necessity for property owned by Brandt re... More...
   $0 (01-04-2019 - ND)


Sooner Cannabis Consultants
Click Here For... More...   $0 (01-03-2019 - OH)

San Diego Unified School District v. Betty Yee

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Plaintiffs and appellants San Diego Unified School District, Clovis Unified School
District, Poway Unified School District, San Jose Unified Schoo... More...
   $0 (12-30-2018 - CA)

San Diego Unified School District v. Betty Yee, as State Controller

Plaintiffs and appellants San Diego Unified School District, Clovis Unified School
District, Poway Unified School District, San Jose Unified School District, Newport-Mesa
Unified School District, and Grossmont Union High School District (the Districts) appeal
from an order sustaining without leave to amend the demurrer of defendant and
respondent State Controller Betty Yee (the Con... More...
   $0 (12-28-2018 - CA)

Ex parte Dennis Lee Odom

Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure contains provisions that
relate to the “Sex Offender Registration Program.” TEX. CODE CRIM. PROC. Arts.
62.001–.408. A reportable ... More...
   $0 (12-22-2018 - TX)

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