Injurious Falsehood Law
Courtney B. Mathews v. State of Tennessee

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In June 1996, a Montgomery County jury convicted the Petitioner of four counts first-degree felony murder and one count of especially aggravated robbery. The Petitioner’s conviction... More...
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Joseph Haskins v. The State of Texas

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In February 2017, a Brazoria County grand jury indicted appellant for the
offense of burglary of a habitation, alleging that appellant had entered a habitation
without the ef... More...
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Scott Jordan, Jr. v. Town of Waldoboro, et al.

Scott M. Jordan ("Senior"), his
health failing, executed a Power of Attorney (POA) authorizing his
son, Scott M. Jordan, Jr. ("Jordan"), to take control and dispose
of Senior's property in any way Senior might do were he able.
Unhappy with Jordan's subsequent decisions concerning his
property, Senior revoked the POA and complained to the Waldoboro
Police Department. Waldobo... More...
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THE ESTATE OF JORDYN DOTY, by and Through Its Duly Appointed Special Administrator Kimberly Doty, and KIMBERLY DOTY, Heir at Law of Jordyn Doty v. MICHAEL A. DORSCH, P.A., RODNEY S. DILL, M.D., GREAT PLAINS HEALTH ALLIANCE, INC., and RAWLINS COUNTY HEALTH CENTER,

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Before delving into the facts of this case an introduction of the various parties involved is helpful. Kimberly brought this action both as the administrator of Jordyn's estate and as Jordyn's heir at law (collectively referred to as the Estate).

RCHC is a ... More...
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Josener Dorisca v. Raymond Marchilli

After a jury convicted
Petitioner Josener Dorisca ("Dorisca") of second-degree murder, he
was sentenced to life in prison with the opportunity of parole
after fifteen years. When his state court appeals... More...
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Tulsa, OK - The State of Oklahoma charged Jacob Killough with:

Count # 1. Count as Filed: OPJ, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A FELONY, in violation of 21 O.S. 421C
D... More...
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Wilber Ulises Molina v. The State of Texas

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In 2000, when the complainant was 23 years old, four men abducted her, at
least three of wh... More...
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Joseph Prestiano v. The State of Texas

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Prestiano was indicted for three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child
younger than six years old. See TEX. PENAL CODE § 22.021(a)(1)(B), (a)(2)(B). All
counts concerned a girl for whom he babysat. In the first count, the State alleged that
Prestian... More...
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Patricia I. Ermini v. Mike Scott

This case arises out of a routine wellness check that went badly awry. The underlying episode began with three Lee County deputies stopping by to check on 71-year-old Patricia Ermini at the request of her daughter—and ended with the deputies shooting Erm... More...
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Victor Noe Cortes-Puga v. The State of Texas

The evidence at trial showed that Jessica met and began dating appellant when
she lived in Austin, Texas. Appellant moved in with Jessica and her three children, including her
youngest daughter J.G.1 The couple then moved to Mexico with the children, and Jessica
became pregnant with appellant’s child. Jessica and the children returned to the United States
when she was p... More...
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Demond Bartley v. The State of Texas

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Chauncy Jarrell Williams v. The State of Texas

Several witnesses testified at trial, including Deputy Louis Moncivais and
Detective Steven Moore with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, an emergency medical services
technician, an emergency room nurse, and a 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher testified that a
neighbor called 911 to report a physical fight in Williams’s apartment. The neighbor reported
hearing sounds of a phys... More...
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Marvin Rodriguez v. The State of Texas

Marvin Rodriguez after he was arrested in October 2015. Right: He was booked into the Tarrant County Jail on Thursday after he was convicted of murder.

On the afternoon of October 11, 2015, appellant spent the day tailgating outside
of Cowboys stadium with a group of his friends and his brothers Candido and Javier.
Appellant’s group, which was one of many groups of tailgaters ... More...
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A,J, Fistes Corporation v. GDL Best Contractors, Inc.

Plaintiff A.J. Fistes Corporation (Fistes) appeals from a
judgment entered after the trial court sustained without leave to
amend the demurrer filed by defendants GDL Best Contractors,
Inc. (GDL) and its officers, Francisco M. Lopez, Jose C. Lopez,
and Benjamin Lopez (collectively, the Lopezes), to Fistes’s third
amended complaint. Fistes brought suit against GDL, the
Lopez... More...
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A.J. Fistes Corporation v. GDL Best Contractors, Inc.

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Plaintiff A.J. Fistes Corporation (Fistes) appeals from a
judgment entered ... More...
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Dedric D'Shawn Jones v. The State of Texas

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Damon Michael Jones v. The State of Texas

Spring, TX school cop Damon Michael Jones arrested for raping a child. More...   $0 (08-11-2019 - TX)

Demarcus Xavier West v. The State of Texas

On July 31, 2016, West sh... More...
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Gregory Smith v. I. Ogbuehi

Gregory Smith is an indigent, self-represented prison inmate pursuing
medical malpractice claims against a doctor and a nurse practitioner employed by the
Pleasant Valley State Prison (Pleasant Valley). He filed a motion for the appointment of
counsel, arguing the trial court should consider (1) the factual complexity of the issues

* Pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule... More...
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United States of America v. Cesar Altieri Sayoc

New York, NY - Florida Man Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To 20 Years In Prison For Mailing 16 Improvised Explosive Devices In Connection With October 2018 Domestic Terrorist Attack

Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of... More...
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Janice Dickinson v. William H. Cosby, Jr.

In 2014, plaintiff Janice Dickinson publicly alleged that
defendant William Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982. Cosby
responded by issuing a demand letter and several press releases
through his attorney, which expressed or implied that Dickinson
was ly... More...
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California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform v. Karen Smith

Health and Safety Code section 1418.8 (section 1418.8) sets forth procedures to be
followed for nursing home residents who lack capacity to make their own health care
decisions. Most of the affected residents are elderly, many are poor, and all may be
described as “unbefriended” in the sense they are without family members, friends or
other legal surrogates to make health care deci... More...
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Jermael Burton was indicted for attempted murder and mul... More...
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... More...
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Jason Daniel Strickland v. The State of Texas

Appellant entered pleas of not guilty to indictments charging him with one count of
trafficking a child and one count of sexual assault of a child. Before trial, the State filed a notice
of intent to ... More...
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