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Condemnation Law
State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Department of Transportation v. Revocable Inter Vivos Trust of Bill J. Ramsey

The State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Department of Transportation sued Revocable Inter Vivos Trust of Bill J. Ramsey and others on eminent domain theories seeking to acquire by condemnation certain rights, title and interests in real property owned by the defendants for public purposes.

The Court appointed Warren Morris, Gary Fleener and Howard Kelsey commissioners to perform an appraisal of t... More...
   $207943 (04-04-2013 - OK)

Wright Realty Interests, Ltd. v. City of Friendswood, Texas

Appellant, Wight Realty Interests, Ltd. (“Wight Realty”), challenges the trial court’s orders granting appellee, the City of Friendswood (the “City”), summary judgment and its plea to the jurisdiction in Wight Realty’s suit against the City for breach of contract. In four issues, Wight Realty contends that the trial court erred


in granting the City’s summary-judgment ... More...
   $0 (04-04-2013 - TX)

Maj I. Hagman v. Meher Mount Corporation

In this boundary dispute, one neighbor seeks to quiet title by adverse possession to an adjoining piece of his neighbor's land that he inadvertently fenced in and later improved. The unusual twist is that the neighboring land on which the adverse possession took place belongs to a nonprofit religious organization. We hold that a nonprofit religious organization's status as a "public benefit corpor... More...   $0 (04-03-2013 - CA)

Northern Natural Gas Company v. ONEOK Field Services Company, LLC

In this conversion action, Northern Natural Gas Company (Northern) claims ONEOK Field Services Company, L.L.C., ONEOK Midstream Gas Supply, L.L.C. (collectively ONEOK), Lumen Energy Corporation, and Lumen Midstream Partnership, LLC (collectively Lumen) wrongfully converted natural gas by purchasing gas from two producers, Nash Oil & Gas, Inc. (Nash) and L.D. Drilling, Inc. (L.D.), which operated w... More...   $0 (03-18-2013 - KS)

City of Sand Springs v. Blossom Day Care Centers

The City of Sand Springs sued Blossom Day Care Centers on an eminent domain theory seeking to acquire by condemnation certain rights, title and interests in real property owned by defendant for public purposes.

The Court appointed Sheila Brunton, Jim Clark and Jan Gordon commissioners to appraise Defendant's property and the damages caused by the taking.

The Commissioners awarded... More...
   $20000 (03-10-2013 - OK)

State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Department of Transportation v. Rausch Coleman Jenks, LLC

State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Department of Transportation sued Rausch Coleman Jenks, LLC on an eminent domain theory seekin gto acquire certain rights, title and interests in Defendant's property for public use.

   $0 (03-10-2013 - OK)

Texas Municipal Power Agency v. Kirk A. Johnston

Kirk A. Johnston sought temporary and permanent injunctive relief against the Texas Municipal Power Agency (“TMPA”) to prohibit TMPA from, among other things, entering onto his property to conduct surveys and inspections and attempting to condemn a portion of his property. TMPA filed a plea to the jurisdiction, and the trial court denied the plea. In two issues, TMPA contends that the trial co... More...   $0 (03-07-2013 - TX)

State of Oklahoma v. Penny L. Hoover, M.D.

State of Oklahoma sued Penny L. Hoover, M.D., et al. on eminent domain theories seeking to acquire by condemnation certain rights, title and interests in real property owned by the defendants for public use.

The court appointed commissioners who returned their report finding that defendants had been damaged in the amount of $598,000.00.

Plaintiff and Defendants filed demands for ... More...
   $1 (03-04-2013 - OK)

Glen and Johanna Wohl v. City of Missoula

¶1 Plaintiffs are a group of landowners (Landowners1) who own properties abutting South Avenue in the City of Missoula. The instant lawsuit arose out of a dispute between Landowners and the City concerning the width of the public right-of-way constituting South Avenue. Following a bench trial, the Fourth Judicial District Court, Missoula County, determined that the right-of-way is 60 feet wide. T... More...   $0 (02-27-2013 - MT)

Patricia Moore-King v. County of Chesterfield, Virginia

Patricia Moore-King ("Moore-King") challenges the application of regulations enacted by the County of Chesterfield, Virginia (the "County") affecting fortune tellers on various grounds. For the reasons that follow, we affirm the district court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of the County.



The parties do not dispute the relevant facts. The Chesterfield County Code... More...
   $0 (02-26-2013 - VA)

Marci Frazier v. Kelly Goudschaal

Kelly Goudschaal and Marci Frazier were committed to a long-time, same-sex relationship, during which they jointly decided to have two children via artificial insemination. In conjunction with the birth of each child, the couple executed a coparenting agreement that, among other provisions, addressed the contingency of a separation. A few months after the couple separated, Goudschaal notified Fraz... More...   $0 (02-22-2013 - KS)

Peak Alarm Co., Inc. v. Salt Lake City Corp.

¶1 In this appeal, Salt Lake City employees Shanna Werner and Scott Atkinson (City Employees) contest the district court’s denial of their motion for summary judgment. In that motion, they argued that appellees Michael Howe, Jerry Howe, and Peak Alarm Company (Mr. Howe) failed to file suit within the period fixed by the applicable statute of limitations. The City Employees contend that parties ... More...   $0 (02-15-2013 - UT)

Roger Schanzenbach v. Town of La Barge, Wyoming

Plaintiff Roger Schanzenbach sought to install mobile manufactured homes on two properties he owned in the town of LaBarge, Wyoming. The town council initially granted him a building permit for one property but revoked it about two weeks later and then enacted an ordinance that included a provision banning the installation of any manufactured home older than 10 years at the time of the relevant pe... More...   $0 (02-08-2013 - WY)

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company v. Joetta Clay

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company sued Joetta Clay, Lavarene Hilliard and others on eminent domain theories claiming:

1. Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (“OG&E”), a corporation, having been duly organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Oklahoma, is authorized to conduct its business in this State, including the business of furnishing light, heat and power by electri... More...
   $0 (02-04-2013 - OK)

Carl Wells v. City of Corsicana

Carl and Terry Wells sued the City of Corsicana, asserting an inversecondemnation claim. Their claim pertains to Corsicana’s paving of its private road easement that runs along the western edge of the Wellses’ lot and provides access to Corsicana’s adjacent lot, which is the location of Corsicana’s water intake site on Richland Chambers Reservoir. They also complain of Corsicana’s instal... More...   $0 (02-03-2013 - TX)

Alachua Land Investors, LLC v. City of Gainesville

Alachua Land Investors, LLC (ALI), appeals a final judgment entered in favor of City of Gainesville (City) on ALI’s action for inverse condemnation. ALI contends that the trial court’s ruling on ripeness constitutes error as a matter of law because ALI filed a meaningful application and obtained a final decision from the City. Given ALI’s failure to satisfy the ripeness requirement, we affir... More...   $0 (01-31-2013 - FL)

City of Houston v. Young Song

In this interlocutory appeal, the City complains that the trial court erred in denying the City‟s plea to the jurisdiction because appellees have not alleged an inverse condemnation claim for which governmental immunity has been waived and do not have standing to seek injunctive relief based on the City‟s construction of medians within a public roadway near appellees‟ businesses. Because app... More...   $0 (01-26-2013 - TX)

Crosstex DC v. Terry Titus Button

Appellant Crosstex DC Gathering Company, J.V. condemned a portion of land owned by Terry Titus Button and Ossie A. Button for purposes of a pipeline easement.[2] The Buttons objected to the commissioner’s award, and the issue of damages resulting from the easement was tried to a jury. Crosstex now appeals from the part of the trial court’s judgment in condemnation awarding the Buttons $794,7... More...   $794789 (01-26-2013 - TX)

City of Choctaw v. Oklahoma Municpal Assurance Group

¶1 In a dispute over insurance coverage between the plaintiff/appellee, City of Choctaw, and its insurer, Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group (OMAG), defendant/appellant, the trial court granted a motion for summary judgment for Choctaw. Both in the trial court and on appeal, the city argued that OMAG should cover an inverse condemnation judgment entered against the city in a suit brought by a lan... More...   $0 (01-22-2013 - OK)

City of Harrisburg v. Ellen Leigh

Defendant appeals a general judgment that condemns real property that she owns, vests title to that property with the City of Harrisburg, and awards her compensation for the taking, and from a supplemental judgment that allows an award of part of her attorney fees and costs. Defendant contends that the trial court erred in awarding just compensation for only the fair market value of the land that ... More...   $0 (01-16-2013 - OR)

Calyx Energy, LLC v. Mark Hall

¶1 Mark and Rachel Hall appeal three rulings of the district court, a January 3, 2011 order granting their motion for attorney fees, a January 31, 2011 order denying their motion for treble damages and a July 6, 2011 order denying their motion for additional attorney fees. We dismiss this appeal for lack of appellate jurisdiction because the orders appealed lack the finality required for appellat... More...   $0 (01-15-2013 - OK)

Wayne and Janet Doner v. State of Ohio

Wayne and Janet Doner sued the State of Ohio on an inverse condemnation theory claiming that property owned by them flooded almost every year after the defendant changed the way it managed the West Bank spillway on Grand Lake.

Plaintiff are among 86 landowners who blamed the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for increasing flooding on their land.

The defense asserted by the State ... More...
   $1900000 (01-15-2013 - OH)

Middleborough Veterans' Outreach Center, Inc. v. Paul J. Provencher

In 2010, appellee Paul Provencher, the Veterans' Agent for the Town of Middleborough, Massachusetts ("the Town"), wrote letters to local newspapers, advising area residents to exercise caution before donating to veterans' charities that use telemarketing or direct solicitation, and naming appellant Middleborough Veterans' Outreach Center ("MVOC") and one other charity. MVOC claims that, as a resu... More...   $0 (01-11-2013 - MA)

Lost Trail, LLC v. Town of Weston

Approximately fifteen years ago, the plaintiff, Lost Trail, LLC (Lost Trail), purchased two adjacent parcels of land in the town of Weston (town). Lost Trail’s apparent intention was to divide the aggregated land into four lots suitable for building under the town’s zoning regulations. After Lost Trail reconfigured its property, consistent with this purpose, town officials informed Lost Trail ... More...   $0 (01-10-2013 - CT)

Stephen Smith v. Board of County Commissioners of Park County, Wyoming

[¶1] The Smiths contend that an unlawful taking occurred when the Board of County Commissioners of Park County (the Board) declared the Smiths’ private driveway to be part of a county road. Failing to obtain any relief through administrative proceedings, the Smiths sued the Board in district court, alleging claims of inverse condemnation under Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 1-26-512 (LexisNexis 2011), inve... More...   $0 (01-09-2013 - WY)

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