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Date: 03-06-2007

Case Style: Roland Leo Grenier Sr. v. General Motors and Ford Motor Company

Case Number: Unknown

Judge: Unknown

Court: Superior Court, New Castle County, Delaware

Plaintiff's Attorney: Fred Baron of Baron & Budd, Dallas, Texas

Defendant's Attorney: Unknown


Roland Leo Grenier Sr. sued General Motors and Ford Motor Company on a products liability theory claiming that the brake and clutch components manufactured and sold by defendants contained asbestos and caused him to develop asbestosis.

Ford and General Motors denied that any products manufactured and sold by them cause Mr. Grenier's illness. They claimed that Grenier's exposure to asbestos in his previous work as a school custodian caused his illness.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $2 million with a finding that General Motors was 70% liability and Ford 16% liable and other were 2% liable for the harm suffered.

Plaintiff's Experts: Unavailable

Defendant's Experts: Unavailable

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