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Date: 08-19-2006

Case Style: Jason "Jake" White v. Michael Kaiden

Case Number: Unknown

Judge: Phillip Figa

Court: District Court, Denver County, Colorado

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Beth Klein, Beth Klein, P.C., Denver, Colorado

Defendant's Attorney:

Pete Dubabek, Denver, Colorado


Jason "Jake" White, age 24, sued Michael Kaiden, age 32, on a negligence and negligence per se theories claiming that Kaiden failed to use due care and violated the Coloroado Ski Safety Act while skiing down Vail Mountain in April 2004 and, as a direct, result, ran Jake White, into a pole causing him severe injuries. His injuries required 13 surgeries. He claimed $1.3 million in damages at trial, but offered to resolve this case prior to trial for the cost of the medical bills and wage loss.

Kaiden claimed that was also negligent in causing the accident and resulting injuries and damages

Outcome: verdict with a finding that Kaiden was 51 percent responsible for the accident and should pay White $257,000.00, the amount of the medical bills, lost wages, and some pain and suffering.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. Sterritt, Vail Colorado, Orthopedic Surgeon

Defendant's Experts: Stan Gale, Denver Colorado, Mr. Gale's testimony on fault and causation was found to be unreliable under the principles of Daubert, and he was not permitted to testify on these issues.

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