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Date: 02-29-2020

Case Style:

United States of America v. Ryan Eric Fletcher and Linnette Torres

Case Number: Robert S. Lasnik

Judge: 2:19-cr-00227-RSL

Court: United States District Court for the Western District of Washington (King County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Chantelle Dial and J. Tate London

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Seattle, WA - The United States of America charged Ryan Eric Fletcher and Linnette Torres with conspiracy to distribute heroin.

A couple who resided on the Upper Skagit Indian Reservation pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin. Both face up to twenty years in prison when sentenced by U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik.

“The FBI and Upper Skagit Police Department worked closely and collaboratively on this case to remove a chronic source of heroin from the Upper Skagit community,” said U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran. “I am committed to working with our Tribal partners to combat the scourge of drug addiction in our communities.”

According to records filed in the case, FLETCHER was known to law enforcement in the Upper Skagit and had been ordered excluded from the reservation. Nevertheless, he violated that exclusion order and with TORRES conspired to sell heroin in the community. Last summer a person working with law enforcement purchased heroin from both FLETCHER and TORRES. On August 21, 2019, law enforcement served a court-authorized search warrant on the couple’s home and on a storage unit they controlled. In the home, they found heroin, a loaded Glock pistol, a rifle, and various types of ammunition. In the storage unit, they found an AR-15 style firearm, another Glock, and a variety of pills, as well as other drug dealing paraphernalia.

The case was investigated by the FBI and the Upper Skagit Police Department.


Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin - 21:841(a)(1), 841(b)(1)(C), and 846
Distribution of Heroin - 21:841(a)(1), 841(b)(1)(C), and 18:2
Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin - 21:841(a)(1), 841(b)(1)(C), and 18:2

Outcome: Defendants who sold significant amounts of heroin in tribal community pleaded guilty.

02/28/2020 49 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Hon. Paula L McCandlis- CRD: A. Quach; AUSA: Chantelle Dial; Def Cnsl: Lisa Mulligan; Court Reporter: Digital Recording; Time of Hearing: 11:30am; Courtroom: 12B; CHANGE OF PLEA HEARING as to Linnette Torres held on 2/28/2020. Defendant present on bond. Defendant placed under oath and advised of rights/charges/penalties; Defendant executes Consent to Rule 11 Plea in a felony case before a U.S. Magistrate Judge; Education = GED; Court reviews the plea agreement; Linnette Torres (1) pleads GUILTY to Count 1. Remaining Counts to be dismissed at sentencing. Court finds the Defendant is competent to enter a guilty plea; Court signs the Report and Recommendation and Counsel have fourteen days to file objections; Court orders the preparation of a Presentence Report. Parties make joint motion to amend appearance bond. Court GRANTS motion. Defendant placed on amended appearance bond.

Sentencing set for 5/15/2020 at 10:30 AM in Courtroom 15106 before Judge Robert S. Lasnik. (AQ) (Entered: 02/28/2020)
02/28/2020 50 CONSENT TO RULE 11 PLEA in a felony case as to Linnette Torres. (AQ) (Entered: 02/28/2020)
02/28/2020 51 PLEA AGREEMENT as to Linnette Torres. (cc: USPO, FLU, AFU) (AQ) (Entered: 02/28/2020)
02/28/2020 52 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION re Plea of Guilty as to Linnette Torres by Hon. Paula L McCandlis. Noting Date 3/16/2020. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Acceptance of Plea) (cc: USPO) (AQ) (Entered: 02/28/2020)
02/28/2020 53 AMENDED Appearance Bond Entered as to Linnette Torres (1) PR with supervision and special conditions. (cc: PTS/USPO/USMO) (AQ) (Entered: 02/28/2020)

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