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Date: 05-26-2001

Case Style: Damon Wilson v. Carl N. Griffin, MD

Case Number: CJ-99-97

Judge: Ferral Hatch

Court: District Court, Bryan County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: R. Michael Cantrell of Cantrell Law Office, PC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Steven Holden of Holden and McKenna, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Description: Defendant failed to diagnose appendicitis. Plaintiff presented at the same ER twice, had increased WBC and other complaints including epigastric pain and abdominal pain. Defendant diagnosed gastroenteritis, gave Plaintiff fluids, suppositories and discharged him with instructions to follow up with his personal physician assigned by Defendant. Plaintiff presented one week later at a Texas ER where he was worked up for appendectomy. Plaintiff's appendix had ruptured and had left over 1000 cc's of pus in abdomen. Plaintiff had an open appendectomy, serious scarring, a cecostomy, and spent 16 days in the hospital. Plaintiff was off work for 4 months.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $150,000

Plaintiff's Experts: Thomas A. Geraci, DO, Las Vegas, NV (by video)

Defendant's Experts: John Sacra, MD, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Comments: Plaintiff asked for $150,000.00.
Reported by R. Michael Cantrell

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