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Date: 02-01-2000

Case Style: Donna Moore v. Price Mart

Case Number: CJ-98-

Judge: James D. Goodpaster

Court: District Court, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Steve Hjelm, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Keith A. Wilkes of Rhodes, Hieronymus, Jones, Tucker & Gable, P.L.L.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Description: Premises Liability - Slip and Fall - Price Mart customer alleged that she fell while shopping in defendant's store because of liquid on the floor near the checkout counter. Plaintiff incurred $3,700 in medical expenses.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $1,000 with a finding that plaintiff and defendant were each equally at fault.

Plaintiff's Experts: Kenneth Trinidad, D.O., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Experts: Dr. Sami Framjee, Tulsa, Oklahoma, orthopedic surgeon.

Comments: Defendant made no settlement offer before trial.

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