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Date: 09-24-2020

Case Style:

Corey Atchinson v. State of Oklahoma

Case Number: CJ-2020-2811

Judge: Civil Docket F

Court: In the District Court in and for Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Joe Norwood

Defendant's Attorney: Tulsa County District Attorney's Office

Description: Tulsa, OK - Civil Rights Lawyer, Wrongful Conviction

Corey Atchinson sued the State of Oklahoma on a civil rights violation theory claiming that he was wrongfully convicted and held in the Oklahoma prison system for 28 years.

Plaintiff was released from prison after Tulsa District Judge Sharon Holmes found that he was actually innocent.

On August 3, 1990, James Lane was shot and killed at 4th and Atlanta in the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Atchinson and three others were charged and convicted of first degree murder.

Doane Thomas and Demacio McClendon claimed to be eye witnesses.

McClendon recanted on the witness stand admitted that his testimony was false.

King testified at one point that Atchinson shot Lane and at another that he did not.

Mareo Johnson testified that Atchinson did not shoot lane.

Assistant District Attorney Tim Harris also called Doane Thomas, Ben King and Tulsa Police officers to testify.

Outcome: Allegations of wrongdoing are not proof of wrongdoing.

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