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Date: 08-30-2011

Case Style: Jerry Lee Wren v. Linda Michelle Kinzer

Case Number: CJ-2010-3560

Judge: Barbara G. Swinton

Court: District Court, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: L. Ray Malples, II, Travis K. Siegel and Travis Dunn

Defendant's Attorney: Paul B. Middleton

Description: Jerry Lee Wren sued Linda Michelle Kinzer on an auto negligence theory claiming to have been injured in a car wreck that occurred on June 16, 2009 when she ran into be back of Plaintiff's vehicle when distracted by her son in the back seat of her car on I-35 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Plaintiff claimed medical expenses of $29,033.13, property damages in excess of $10,000 and lost wages of $4,473.00.

Defendant admitted that she was negligent but denied the nature and extent of Plaintiff's injuries.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $500,000.00.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. Kyle Muse, D.C., chiropractic physician and Drs. Kyle Fanning and Michael Wright, treating physicians.

Defendant's Experts:


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