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Date: 09-01-2010

Case Style: Aurash A. Habibi v. Traci J. Rush

Case Number: CJ-2009-307

Judge: Ronald G. Franklin

Court: District Court, Garfield County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Bradley Davenport, Gungoll Jackson Collins Box & Devoll, P.C., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Lacy Boyles and Wesley Smith, Dobbs & Middleton Law Firm, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Description: Aurash A. Habibi and Kristin Skaggs sued Traci J. Rush on an auto negligence theory the injuries and damages that they claimed that they sustained as a result of an auto accident in Garfield County, Oklahoma. Plaintiff claimed that on December 26, 2008, he was traveling on West Owens K Garriott Road and just west of South Cleveland Avenue. He claimed that he stopped at the traffic light at the intersection and Defendant ran into the back of his car injuring him and Kristin Skaggs, a passenger in the car with him.

Defendant admitted responsibility for the accident that occurred on December 26, 2008 but contested damages.

Outcome: Plaintiffs' verdicts for Kristin Skaggs for $5,425.38 and for Aurash Habibi for $4,643.22.

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