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Date: 02-09-2012

Case Style: Karen Iverson v. Lana Nelson, D.O.

Case Number: CJ-2009-2545

Judge: Tracy Schumacher

Court: District Court, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Clay Hasbrook and T. David Hasbrook

Defendant's Attorney: Jeffrey Allen Glendening

Description: Karen Iverson sued Lana Nelson, D.O. on a medical negligence theory (medical malpractice) claiming that Defendant performed an ileosctomy surgery on her on September 17, 2008 at Norman Regional Hospital and placed it in a deep crease in Plaintiff's abdominal wall, thereby causing continuous leakage from the ostomy. Plaintiff also claimed that Defendant negligently failed to reconnect the colon and rectum of Plaintiff requiring additional surgery and that the case that she received from Defendant fell below the standard of care.

Defendant denied that the care that she provided fell below the standard of care.

Outcome: Defendant's verdict.

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