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Date: 02-08-2011

Case Style: Scott Jager v. Kerry Hooley

Case Number: CJ-2009-1684

Judge: Stephen W. Bonner

Court: District Court, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Adam Bush, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Warren L. Wright, UAW-GM Legal Services Plan, Del City, Oklahoma

Description: Scott Jager sued Kerry Hooley, Amy Hooley and Curtis Hooley on breach of contract theories.

Mr. Jager claimed that the Defendants intentionally conspired to deprive him of his rightfully owned property by contracting to trade property of him for his property.

Defendants claimed that they were the rightful owners of the property they were attempting to trade or sell.

When criminal charges appeared eminent, Kerry and Amy Hooley transferred certain property in their possession to Curtis and Vera Hooley.

Curtis and Vera Hooley claimed that Curtis paid $2,600 in cash for the motor home to Scott Jager.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $14,000.00.

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