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Date: 07-15-2011

Case Style: David Boswell v. Edmond School District

Case Number: CJ-2008-4868

Judge: Twyla Mason Gray

Court: District Court, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Paul E. Quigley

Defendant's Attorney: Heather N. Hendricks and Stephanie Mather

Description: David Boswell, individually and as father and next friend of Tanner Boswell, a minor, sued Edmond School District and Kaden Guerra, a minor, for negligence and intentional tort theories claiming that on October 15, 2007, when Tanner Boswell was 14-years-old he suffered an eye injury caused by Kaden Guerra who threw a dangerous instrument at Tanner that struck him in the eye. Plaintiff claimed that the Edmond School District was negligent in failing to keep Mr. Guerra out of the freshman locker room where the incident occurred under the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act, 51 O.S. Section 151, et seq.

Defendant school district denied that it was at fault or liable for the injury sustained by Tanner Boswell on any theory of law advance by Plaintiff, e.g., negligence per se. It also asserted by there was no causal connection between any alleged negligent act error or omission by any employee of Defendant.

Outcome: Judgment for Defendant.

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