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Date: 06-25-2010

Case Style: Harry Keith v. Bart Borsky, M.D.

Case Number: CJ-2007-8744

Judge: Bryan C. Dixon

Court: District Court, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Ben Butts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Perry Marrs, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Russell Hendrickson and Elizabeth Sharrock, Pierce Couch Hendrickson Baysinger & Green, L.L.P., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for Bart Borsky

Description: Harry Keith, Surviving spouse and next of Kin of Teresa K. Keith sued Bart Borsky, M.D., Michael Kutner, M.D., R. Kent Dyer, M.D. and Ravi Pruthi, M.D. on medical negligence (medical malpractice) theories.

Deceased, Teresa K. Keith, was admitted to Integris Baptist Medical Center on September 19, 2006, as a candidate for pancreas transplant surgery. Shortly after midnight on September 20, 2006, defendant Bart Borsky, M.D., attempted to intubate Teresa Keith so that she could have the operation. After multiple attemps, Teresa Keith was eventually intubated. However, because of the presence of fluid coming from the patient's breathing tube, her surgeon canceled the procedure. Ms. Keith was then transferred to the intensive care unit with the breathing tube in place. On September 21, 2006, Teresa Keith died during an attempt to remove the breathing tube.

Plaintiff claimed that Defendant's intubation attempts traumatized her airway and eventually led to her death.

Dr. Borsky objected to Plaintiff's "General State of Facts" as being inaccurate. He denied the claims of Plaintiff including that he acted below the standard of care.

Outcome: Defendant's verdict for Bart Borsky, M.D.

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