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Date: 06-24-2011

Case Style: Tammy Thompson v. The GEO Group, Inc.

Case Number: CJ-2007-84

Judge: Gerald F. Neuwirth

Court: District Court, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Gary Richardson and Charles Richardson

Defendant's Attorney: John Graves, Jacob Benedict, Don Pope,

Description: Tammy Thompson, Samantha Moore, and Ronald L. Sites, individually and as next of kin of Ronald S. Sites sued The GEO Group, INc., Lawton Correctional Facility, Wackenhut Corrections Corporation, Alisha Cation, John E. Tipp and Robert M. Cooper on negligence theories seeking damages for the wrongful death of Ronald S. Sites who was killed while in custody in January 2005 when he was strangled to death by his cellmate. Plaintiffs claimed that Sites had sustained a traumatic brain injury which impaired his behavioral skills and should not have been housed with Robert Cooper.

Defendants claimed that they did not have any reason to foresee Cooper's actions, and Sites' inability to get along with other prisoners contributed to his death.

Outcome: Plaintiffs' verdict for $6.0 million in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages. John Tipp and Alisha Cation were dismissed with prejudice per stipulation of the parties before trial.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr Herman Jones from OU Medical and Ken Kasaras on prisons.

Defendant's Experts:


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