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Date: 02-10-2010

Case Style: Shannon Grose v. Yoshiko Gilbert and James Allen Gilbert

Case Number: CJ-2007-1535

Judge: Tom A. Lucas

Court: District Court, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Tim Beets, Beets, McNaughton & Walker, P.L.L.C., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Miranda J. Long, Beets & Yanda, P.L.L.C., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Jerry Kite, Oklahoma City and Richard Morrissette, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Description: Shannon Grose sued Yoshiko Gilbert and James Allen Gilbert on a civil assault and battery theory. The specifics of the claims made and defenses asserted are not available.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $1,325.00 with a finding that Shannon Grose was 10% at fault, James Allen Gilbert 80% and Yoshiko Gilbert 10%.

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