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Date: 11-16-2007

Case Style: James Thompson and Suzanne Thompson v. Government Employees Insurance Company

Case Number: CJ-2005-362

Judge: Duane Woodliff

Court: Okmulgee County District Court, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Kent R. McGuire

Defendant's Attorney:

Steven E. Holden

Description: Bad faith breach of insurance contract claim.

Outcome: Defense verdict.

Plaintiff's Experts: The Plaintiff had listed two experts. Terry Scoville was listed as testifying on behalf of the Plaintiffs with regard to insurance claims handling. Mr. Scoville was deposed, however, he was not called by the Plaintiffs at the time of trial. Plaintiffs further listed economist Dr. Will Clark to testify, however, his testimony was stricken by the court upon a Daubert challenge.

Defendant's Experts: Defendant had listed Dusty Birdsong as a defense expert regarding insurance claims handling, however, Mr. Birdsong was not called to testify due to the fact that the Plaintiffs did not call their expert to testify.

Comments: Reported by Michael L. Carr

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