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Date: 01-31-2008

Case Style: Michael Robinson v. Integris Bass Baptist Hospital, Steven Mareburger, M.D. and others

Case Number: CJ-2005-313

Judge: Ronald G. Franklin

Court: District Court, Garfield County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Marissa Osenbaugh, Okalahoma City, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Blake Hayes, Tulsa, Oklahoma for Integris Bass Baptist Health Center

John Paul, Tulsa Oklahoma for Ann Becker, Cheri Jenkins and Integris Bass Baptist Health Center

Calvin Sharpe, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for Dr. Steven Mareburger, M.D.

Description: Michael Robinson sued Integris Bass Baptist Health Center, Steven Mareburger, and Ann Becker and Cheri Jenkins on medical negligence theories (medical malpractice). The claims made and defenses asserted are not available.

Outcome: Defense verdict.

Plaintiff's Experts: Unknown

Defendant's Experts: Unknown

Comments: None

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