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Date: 05-06-2005

Case Style: Michael Bilby v. Claremore Ambulance Rescue and Emergency Services, Inc.

Case Number: CJ-2004-168

Judge: Dynda R. Post

Court: District Court, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney:

David R. Blades, Armstrong & Lowe, P.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma and Marylinn M. Gravis of Gravis & Steele, P.A., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney:

Michael J. Masterson of Wilburn & Masterson, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Automobile accident between an ambulance and an automobile on Highway 20 in Rogers County. Automobile operated by Michael Bilby was making a left turn from Highway 20 into a private drive into a service station. The ambulance was passing in a no-passing zone. Ambulance was speeding in a construction zone and struck the Bilby vehicle on the driver's side door. Impact was substantial totalling both vehicles. Bilby was removed from the vehicle by the jaws of life. Plaintiff became disabled and did not work since the accident of 5/28/01. Plaintiff's medical bills totalled the approximate sum of $46,066. Plaintiff's lost income totalled $34,452 and continuing.

Outcome: -0- for Plaintiff Defendant's verdict against Plaintiff in the sum of $34,650

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. Holt

Defendant's Experts: Ron Blevins and Dr. William Gillock

Comments: Reported by: Wilburn & Masterson

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