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Date: 06-22-2005

Case Style: Bobby Eaves v. Darlene Tyler

Case Number: CJ-2004-1094

Judge: A. Carl Robinson

Court: District Court, Muskogee County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Michael Finerty, Muskogee, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney:

Wm. Baron VanBurkleo, Allstate Insurance Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma


The Defendant, Ms. Tyler, was EB on Okmulgee Street in Muskogee. The Plaintiff was WB on Okmulgee St. As they both approached the 7th St. intersection, Ms. Tyler turned left in front of the Plaintiff and the left front corner of Defendant's Mazda 626 struck the left front corner of his Mitsubishi p/u truck.

The Plaintiff was taken from the accident scene by Muskogee County EMS to the Muskogee Regional Medical Center where he had x-rays and was released. He then began treatment with Dr. Douglas Boos, a local chiropractor and treated with Dr. Boos from 4/8/2004 6/15/2004 for a total of 21 visits. His total medical specials were $4,844.02. Defendant had filed her Offer To Confess for $6,000.00.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $4,844.02

Plaintiff's Experts:

Douglas Boos, D.C., Muskogee, Oklahoma

Defendant's Experts:

E.P. Couch, M.D., Muskogee, Oklahoma

Comments: Reported by Wm. Baron VanBurkleo

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