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Date: 02-23-2006

Case Style: Albert Glen Bryant v. Melody Gish

Case Number: CJ-2003-1322

Judge: Lawrence Parish

Court: District Court, Creek County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Tim Hendren of The Rode Law Firm, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney:

Wm. Baron VanBurkleo, Staff Attorney, Allstate Insurance Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Automobile accident - rear end - Plaintiff was a guest passenger in his employer's one-ton dually pick-up truck which was hit from the rear by Defendant's Astro Van on Mission Street in Sapulpa, Oklahoma on December 14, 2001. No damage to the pick-up truck. About $1,900 of damage to the Defendant's van as the trailer hitch on the back of the truck speared the front of the van. No airbag deployment in the van and Defendant was not injured. Plaintiff claimed soft tissue injuries to his neck and back and received chiropractic care in the amount of $6,200 and a cervical MRI and cervical myelogram in the amount of $3,300. Plaintiff also had additional medical care and claimed total medical specials of $13,066 and lost wages of $768.

Defendant admited liability but contested damages.

Outcome: Defendant's verdict entered on 2/14/2006.

Plaintiff's Experts:

Thomas A. Derstine, D.C., Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Experts:

Sami Framjee, M.D., Tulsa, Oklahoma, orthopedic surgeon

Comments: Submitted by Wm. Baron VanBurkleo

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