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Date: 11-07-2003

Case Style: Patricia Collier, Administratrix of the Estate of Pamela Borel vs. Kathlyne Heilman and St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

Case Number: CJ-2001-61

Judge: D. Boyd

Court: Kay County, State of Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney:

David B. Donchin of Durbin, Larimore & Bialick, Oklahoma City, and Jon Ihrig, Blackwell, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney:

Robert Margo of Short, Wiggins, Margo & Butts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and W. Michael Hill of Secret, Hill & Folluo, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff underwent hysterectomy and while in the post-op recovery room she developed elevated heart rates and decreased blood pressures. Defendant suspected internal bleeding and treated with blood products and other fluids with no success. Plaintiff claimed that there was a 7-hour delay in the diagnosis of the cause of her post-operative condition including failure to return her to surgery with the result that the 41-year-old mother of twins died.

Defense based on issue of whether judgment calls of physician was appropriate under the circumstances and that the patient developed DIC, an irreversible bleeding disorder.

Outcome: Jury Verdict (unanimous) for $2,650,000

Plaintiff's Experts: Richard Marvel, M.D., obstetrician and gynecologist, Baltimore, Maryland; Lon Huff, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Will Clark, Oklahoma City, economist

Defendant's Experts: Valerie Englebrecht, M.D.

Comments: Reported by David Donchin

Editor's note: The verdict in this case was rendered on October 20, 2003.

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