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Date: 05-04-2010

Case Style: Milagros A. Sitzman v. Perry L. Brooks, D.D.S.

Case Number: CJ-2001-346

Judge: William C. Hetherington, Jr.

Court: District Court, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Stan Ward and Woody Glass Ward & Glass, L.L.C., Norman, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Kevin Driskill and Scott Jones, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Description: Milagros A. Sitzman sued Perry L. Brooks, D.D.S. on a medical negligence theory (dental malpractice) on negligence and informed consent theories. Dr. Brooks diagnosed Ms. Sitzman with obstructive sleep apnea and recommended surgery as a treatment option. Plaintiff claimed that she agreed to allow Dr. Brooks to operate on her on April 14, 2000 but believed that he was only performing UPPP and geniohyoid advancement. She claimed that she did not consent nor did she have a full explanation of a procedure called a tongue base suspension. On April 14, 2000, Dr. Brooks performed a UPPP, geniohyoid advancement and tongue base suspension.

Plaintiff claimed that Dr. Brooks' medical care and treatment fell below the standard and that a geniohyoid advancement and a tongue suspension should not be performed together and that the geniohyoid procedrue was not located at the property place. She further claimed that she suffered physical pain and suffering, among other things, as a direct result of the surgery.

Dr. Brooks denied the claimed made by Plaintiff and further claimed that Plaintiff consented to a tongue base suspension and that the tongue base suspension and geniohyoid advancement can be performed together. Dr. Brooks further claimed that all of his medical care and treatment of Plaintiff was within the appropriate standard of care and that Plaintiff did not sustain any injury.

Outcome: Defendant's verdict.

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