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Date: 08-16-2002

Case Style: Estate of Billy Breedlove v. Transwood of Omaha

Case Number: CJ-2001-222

Judge: James Goodpaster

Court: District Court, Mayes County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Steve Holden and Steve Capron of Holden & McKenna, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Paul Boudreaux and Thayla Painter Bohn, of Feldman, Franden, Woodard & Farris, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Description: Wrongful termination claim by estate of Billy Breedlove and Paula J. Breedlove. Plaintiffs claimed that Transwood of Omaha, a trucking company, wrongfully terminated Billy Breedlove in 1997 for filing a workers' compensation claim against the trucking company and then engaged in other activities designed and intended to destroy Mr. Breedlove's professional reputation and to make it impossible for him to work as a truck driver. Mr. Breedlove later died of cancer.

Outcome: Plaintiffs' verdict for $2.176 million.

Plaintiff's Experts: Unknown

Defendant's Experts: Unknown

Comments: None

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