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Date: 02-11-2002

Case Style: Brenda Inez Easterwood vs. Mercy Memorial Health Center, Inc.

Case Number: CJ-2000-273

Judge: Lee Card

Court: District Court, Carter, County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: John D. Otey and T. Todd Hicks, Ardmore, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Stephen Peterson and Michael McMillin of Fenton, Fenton, Reneau, Smith & Moon, Oklahoma City

Description: April 2000, Plaintiff filed suit seeking damages stemming from injuries to her stump, head, elbows, and hip when she fell in her hospital room's bathroom. The Plaintiff alleged the hospital was negligent on April 21, 1998, when she was given a faulty walker after surgery to amputate her leg below the knee.

Defendant denied liability and contested damages.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $26,639.00 less contributory percentage.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. James Woessner, Lubbock, Texas, Ph.D., M.D.; Jourita Taylor Blaalock, Ardmore, Oklahoma, Licensed Practial Nurse; Curtis Howell, Ardmore, Oklhoam, B.S., Engineer

Defendant's Experts: Dr. J. Patrick Evans, Oklahoma City, OK, Orthopedic Surgeon; Lisa Rudolph, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Registered Nurse Robert J. Block, Norman, OK, Phd.,Engineer

Comments: Reported by the Otey Law Offices, PLLC

Editor's Note: Falls are the most common cause of injury to patients in hospitals.

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