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Date: 10-17-2003

Case Style: Lila L. Thomas, Walter A. Thomas and Nikki Thomas v. Cudd Pressure Control, Inc., et al.

Case Number: CJ-02-00228

Judge: J.R. Pearman

Court: District Court, Osage County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Guy A. Thiesen of Carr & Carr, Tulsa, Oklahoma for Lila Thomas

John D. Story, Tulsa for John Wayne Thomas, Jr.

Defendant's Attorney:

Dan S. Folluo of Rhodes Hieronymus Jones Tucker & Gable, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Description: Rearend automobile truck accident. Plaintiffs were the driver and passengers in an automobile that was stopped waiting to make a left turn. The car in which they were riding was hit by a large oil field equipment truck that left 197 feet of skid marks before it hit the plaintiffs' car and 130 feet of skid marks after it hit the car, which was totalled. The Plaintiffs claimed that the truck was traveling in excess of the speed limit. The Defendants claimed that the driver of the car slowed too fast and did not give an adequate signal. The driver of the car has $80,000 in medical. The female passenger has $20,000 in meds and the male passenger has $6,000 in meds. The male passenger claimed $30,000 in lost income.

Outcome: The jury found that the driver was 49% at fault and awarded her $25,000 reduced to $12,750. The awarded the female passenger $4,500 in damages and the male passenger $3,500.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. Mayosa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, treating orthopedic surgeon

Defendant's Experts: Kline Young, Accident Reconstructionist and Dr. Sami Framjee, Tulsa, Oklahoma, orthopedic surgeon by videotaped deposition.

Comments: Editor's Note: The defendants reportedly offered the Plaintiffs $32,500 to settle all of their claims before trial.

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