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Date: 02-06-2002

Case Style: B-Star, Inc. v. M.A. Hanna Company

Case Number: CJ 99-00168

Judge: John Maley

Court: District Court, Creek County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Tony Laizure, Stipe Law Firm, Tulsa, OK

Defendant's Attorney: Pat Malloy, Jr. and Terry Malloy of Mallay & Malloy, Inc., Tulsa, OK

Description: The Plaintiff is a small company that makes products using a rubber molding process. It purchased rubber compounding material from the Defendant to make a product that would be used as a "firestop", to wit; would stop the spread of fire from one room to another, in high rise buildings, submarines etc. Plaintiff claimed the compounding material provided by the Defendant was out of specification and defective, causing the Plaintiff to produce inferior products. This in turn led to Plaintiff losing substantial business.

The Defendant denied the Plaintiff's claims. It alleged the compounding material was not defective and that Plaintiff always approved the material before ordering it.

The case was tried in September 2001 and is currently on appeal.

Outcome: Verdict for the Plaintiff for $1,2222,591.00. The Court later awarded Plaintiff the sum of $150,000.00 in attorney's fees.

Plaintiff's Experts: Steve Jay, CPA, Tulsa, OK

Defendant's Experts: Bill Lohrey, CPA, Tulsa, OK

Comments: Reported by Tony Laizure

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