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Date: 03-07-2007

Case Style: Talin Rogers, et al. v. Pima County, et al.

Case Number: C20046309

Judge: Unknown

Court: Superior Court, Pima County, Arizona

Plaintiff's Attorney: Unknown

Defendant's Attorney: Unknown


Talin Rogers and his parents, Julie Rogers and Frank Rogers, sued Pima County and the driver of a car that hit Talin while he was walking from Mountain View High School on October 1, 2004. Talin suffered extensive injuries including head injuries and was hospitalized in a coma for seven weeks and was in rehabilitation for three month. Talin, age 15, and his parents sued Pima County and the driver of the car that hit him on governmental tort and negligence theories claiming that the negligent acts, errors and omission of both combined to directly cause the accident that resulted in his injuries and damages.

The defenses asserted by defendants are not available.

Outcome: Plaintiffs' verdict for $9 million with findings that the Pima County was 20% at fault, the drive of the car that hit Talin was 79% at fault and that Talin was 1% at fault.

Plaintiff's Experts: Unavailable

Defendant's Experts: Unavailable

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