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Date: 02-25-2002

Case Style: John Henry Pace v. The Synkoloid Co.

Case Number: 99-4393-C

Judge: Jack Hunter

Court: 94th Judicial District Court, Corpus Christi, Texas

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Richard I. "Rick" Nemeroff

Lisa Blue, Jacqueline Montejano, Tiffany Newlin and Chris Panatier of Baron & Budd, Dallas, Texas

Defendant's Attorney: David Walsh of Corpus Christi's Brin & Brin, and William Galerston and Arnold Gonzalez of the Houston and Corpus Christi offices of The Kleberg Law Firm.

Description: Products liability - asbestos - Corpus Christi man who was exposed to asbestos during the 1960s and 1970s while using products manufactured by New Jersey-based The Synkoloid Co. Mr. Pace, 69, has been diagnosed with asbestosis, an incurable lung disease caused by asbestos exposure.

Mr. Pace was a self-employed contractor in the Corpus Christi area beginning in the early 1960s, often using Synkoloid Triple Duty Joint Compound in his work. The compound, which contained disease-causing asbestos fibers, had been manufactured by Synkoloid since 1949. Jurors learned that a supplier had told Synkoloid in 1969 about the dangers of the asbestos used in the company's joint compound. However, Mr. Pace and thousands of others continued to use the product, which continued to contain asbestos until the company changed its manufacturing process in 1975.

Outcome: Following a 10-day trial, John Henry Pace was awarded approximately $525,000 for past and future mental anguish and physical suffering, and $1.5 million for future medical care. Mr. Pace, 69, has been diagnosed with asbestosis, an incurable lung disease caused by asbestos exposure.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. Richard Lemen of Atlanta-State of the Art, Dr. Peter Petroff of San Antonio-Pulmonologist and Dr. Robert Ross of Houston-Pulmonologist

Defendant's Experts: Unknown


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