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Date: 01-28-1999

Case Style: Young v. Young

Case Number: 98 L 152

Judge: Galyn Moehring

Court: Circuit Court, Winnebago County, Illinois

Plaintiff's Attorney: Mark Rouleau, Rockford, Illinois

Defendant's Attorney: Unknown

Description: Violence Against Women - Murder Threats - PTSD. The plaintiff brought her case under the Federal Violence Against Women Act for the defendant's telephone threats to murder the plaintiff and her family. The Federal Violence Against Women Act Title 42 Chapter 136 13981 creates a private action against anyone who commits a crime of violence motivated by gender and provides for the award of compensatory and punitive damages, injunctive and declaratory relief, and such other relief as a court may deem appropriate. After a bench trial Circuit Court Judge Gayln Moehring awarded the Patricia Young $375,000 in compensatory damages, $600,000 in punitive damages and $29,000 in attorneys' fees bringing the total verdict to $1,004,000.00. after the couple was divorced. He threatened to kill her, and her family if she did not get back together with him or give him custody of their minor daughter. In 1978 George Young was convicted of murdering a former ex-wife by shooting her in the back while she was leaving her apartment for work. He plead guilty to the charges and received a twenty year sentence to prison (Menard County Case People v George Setzekorn (n/k/a Young) 78 CF 1). The Plaintiff had incurred $900 in counseling expenses to date and is anticipated to incur another $1,000 to $2,000 in counseling bills. She is a medical administration executive who is required to travel significantly with her present job. Due in part to her fears for the safety of her children she is likely to change her job so that she does not have to travel as much although she will suffer approximately a $33,000 decline in her annual income. She was diagnosed as suffering from clinical depression as well as post truamatic stress disorder. The defendant in letters to her after he was taken into custody on criminal charges wrote to her telling her that court orders are only pieces of paper that will not stop him.

Outcome: Verdict for plaintiff for 1,004,000.00.

Plaintiff's Experts: Deborah Wallace Clinical Counselor, Carlinville Illinois

Defendant's Experts: None

Comments: None

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