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Date: 04-29-1997

Case Style: Jack Walsh v. Carney Hospital

Case Number: 94-2583

Judge: Judith Cowin

Court: Superior Court of Norfolk County

Plaintiff's Attorney: Daniel and Frank Driscoll Frank Driscoll , Boston, Massachusetts

Defendant's Attorney: Keith Muntyan, Boston, Massachusetts

Description: Sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Male worker claimed that co-employees harassed him because they thought that he was gay and that Defendant fired him for the same reason. The defendant believed plaintiff was gay but plaintiff has never revealed his sexual orientation.

Outcome: For Plaintiff for $1.2 million.

Plaintiff's Experts: Dr. Allan McCausland, Contoocook, New Hampshire, economist.

Defendant's Experts: Unknown

Comments: Massachusetts apparently has a statute which prohibits discrimination based on sexual preference.

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