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Date: 07-09-1997

Case Style: Carlson v. Tisovec, et al.

Case Number: 92-L-318

Judge: R. Pirrello

Court: Circuit Court of Winnebago County, Illinois

Plaintiff's Attorney: Mark Rouleau, Rockford Illinois

Defendant's Attorney: Robert McWilliams for Dr. Tisovec and Rockford Anesthesiologists Associates; Douglas Pomatto of Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, Professional Corporation, Rockford, Illinois, for Dr. Sorriano and Dr. Yake; Jan Ohlander of Reno, Zahm, Folgate, Lindb

Description: Medical negligence - Plaintiff suffered a CV a during the course of a right cervical (C5) hemilaminotomy, foraminotomy and removal of the intervertrabral disk from a posterior approach performed in a seated position. The Plantiff suffered serious damage to the right hemisphere of his brain. As a result of the stroke, Plaintiff was left with a left facial palsy, mild residual dysarthria and partial blindness in both eyes, left hemispatial neglect, disinhibition, impulsivity, poor judgment, mild sensory/receptive aprosodia, propospagnosia, visual perceptual deficits, constructional apraxia, topographagnosia, anosodiaphoria, denial compromised abstract reasoning and decision making capabilities, and inability to interpret social/emotional situations adequately and act accordingly. The Plaintiff was 71 years old and his medical bills were $70,404.50 at the time of settlement.

Outcome: Doctors Tisovec and Rockford Anesthesiologist Associates paid $1 million.Defendant hospital and the nurses paid an additional $10,000.

Plaintiff's Experts: Stan Smith, Chicago, Ilinois, economist and Gary Yarkony, M.D., Chicago, physiatrist.

Defendant's Experts: Unknown

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