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Date: 11-22-2020

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Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., et al. v. Kathy Boockvar, et al.

Case Number: 4:20-CV-02078

Judge: Matthew M. Brann

Court: United States District Court for the Central District of Pennsylvania (Lycoming County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Rudolph William Giuliani, Brian C. Caffrey, Marc A. Scaringi

Defendant's Attorney: Daniel T. Brier, Donna A. Walsh, John B. Dempsey, Karen Mascio Romano, Keli M. Neary, Nicole J. Boland, Stephen Moniak

Description: Williamsport, PA - The Trump Campaign and numerous individual plaintiffs sued seeking a judgment of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania discarding millions of votes legally cast by Pennsylvania from all corners - from Green County to Pike County. Unfortunately, according to Judge Brann, they came without factual proof or compelling legal arguments. Without such proof, the Court system does not disenfranchise the vote of a single voter.

Outcome: The defendants moved to dismiss and the court found that there was no factual or legal basis for the grant by it of the relief sought by the Plaintiffs and ordered that the case be dismissed.

See: Article About Dismissal Including a Copy of the Order

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