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Date: 01-18-2020

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United States of America v. Lawrence Warfel

Case Number: 4:19-cr-00031-HEA

Judge: Edward Autrey

Court: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri (St. Louis County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Diane Klocke

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: St. Louis, MO - The United States of America charged Lawrence Warfel with aggravated identity theft.

Lawrence Warfel, 76, of Moberly, was sentenced to 24 months in prison for aggravated identity theft and was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $11,688.11.

According to court records, in September 2017, Lawrence Warfel’s wife, Penny, disappeared. Prior to her disappearance, Penny had been receiving monthly Social Security benefits deposited directly into her bank account. After Penny’s disappearance, her Social Security benefits were withdrawn at an ATM, and investigators retrieved surveillance footage showing Lawrence withdrawing money from that ATM using the debit card connected to the bank account where Penny’s Social Security benefits were being deposited. In September 2018, Lawrence admitted he had been using Penny’s debt card in order to withdraw her Social Security benefits following her disappearance.

Warfel pled guilty in October 2019.

This case was investigated by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and the Social Security Administration.



Outcome: Defendant is hereby committed to the custody of the United States Bureau of Prisons to be imprisoned for a total term of 24 months, with recommendations to the BOP. Supervised Release for a term of 1 year with additional supervised release terms. Restitution in the total amount of $11,688.11 Special Assessment of $100 which is due immediatley.

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