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Date: 08-09-2019

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United States of America v. Omar Mata Guerra

Case Number: 3:19-cr-02001-AJB

Judge: Linda Lopez

Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of California (San Diego County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Adam Gordon and Matthew Brehm

Defendant's Attorney: Frank Torres Morell

Description: San Diego, CA - Bank Robber Pleads Guilty to Brazen Heist

Omar Mata Guerra pleaded guilty today in federal court, admitting that he robbed the Bank of the West branch in La Mesa in May.

Guerra entered his plea before U.S. Magistrate Judge Linda Lopez.

Guerra admitted in his plea agreement that on May 10, 2019, he entered the Bank of the West branch located at 8690 Center Drive, La Mesa. He approached the teller and stated, “Listen don’t do anything stupid, I’ve done this before, stay calm, give me money from your top drawer.” He told the teller to “keep your hands where I can see them, no alarm, no dye packs.” As the teller began to gather the available money from the drawer, Guerra insisted “hurry up, go faster.” When the money was placed on the counter, Guerra took approximately $1,152.40 in cash before fleeing the bank.

Guerra was caught after FBI agents issued a Special Bulletin using the video surveillance stills of the robbery. These video surveillance stills caught Guerra’s distinctive tattoo under his right eye, which led to his subsequent identification and arrest.

“This bank robber not only took money, he stole the peace of mind of bank employees,” said U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer. “Our law enforcement partners acted swiftly to ensure that this brazen robber was brought to justice and unable to harm others.” Brewer thanked prosecutors Adam Gordon and Matthew Brehm and FBI agents for their hard work on the case.

“The San Diego FBI Violent Crime Task Force works closely with our law enforcement partners to keep our community safe,” said Special Agent in Charge Scott Brunner. “As a result, this bank robber is off the streets and will face justice.”

DEFENDANT Case Number 19CR2001-AJB

Omar Mata Guerra Age: 24 San Diego, CA


Bank Robbery – Title 18, U.S.C., Section 2113(a)

Maximum penalty: Twenty years in prison and $250,000 fine


Federal Bureau of Investigation

La Mesa Police Department

San Diego Sherriff’s Department

Outcome: 08/06/2019 19 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge F. A. Gossett, III: Change of Plea Hearing as to Omar Guerra held on 8/6/2019. Plea Tendered by Omar Guerra Guilty on count 1 of the Indictment. Excludable started as to Omar Guerra: XK 8/6/19-10/21/19 (proposed plea agreement). All previously filed motions are withdrawn. Consent, Findings and Plea Agreement filed. Any objections to Findings due within 14 days. Motion Hearing/Trial Setting previously set for 8/12/19 is vacated. PSR Ordered.( Sentence With PSR set for 10/21/2019 09:00 AM before Judge Anthony J. Battaglia.) (CD# 8/6/2019 FAG19-939-1025). (Plaintiff Attorney Carlos Arguello, AUSA - S/A). (Defendant Attorney Frank Torres Morell, CJA). (mmr) (Entered: 08/06/2019)
08/06/2019 20 CONSENT TO RULE 11 PLEA before Magistrate Judge F. A. Gossett, III by Omar Guerra. (jrm) (Entered: 08/07/2019)
08/06/2019 21 PLEA AGREEMENT as to Omar Guerra (jrm) (Entered: 08/07/2019)
08/06/2019 22 FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATION of the Magistrate Judge upon a Tendered Plea of Guilty as to Omar Guerra: Recommending that the district judge accept the defendant's plea of guilty. Signed by Magistrate Judge F. A. Gossett, III on 8/6/2019. (jrm) (Entered: 08/07/2019)

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