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Date: 10-19-2021

Case Style:

Hekmat A. Albalouli v. Billy E. Foster and Flat Creek Transportation, L.L.C.

Case Number: 3:18-cv-02234-G

Judge: A. Joe Fish

Court: United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Mark J. Dyer, Alan Powers Moore, Benjamin D. Britt

Description: Dallas, Texas personal injury attorney represented Plaintiff, who sued Defendants on auto negligence theory claiming to have suffered more than $75,000 in injuries and/or damages as a direct result of an accident caused by Defendant’s

The claims made and defenses asserted are not available for this case.

This case was initially filed in the 298th District Court, Dallas County, Texas, DC-18-09150, and was removed to federal court by the Defendant.

Outcome: 10/19/2021 83 Unopposed MOTION for Leave to be absent for the Remainder of Trial filed by Hekmat A Albalouli (Turnbull, Douglas) Modified event text per attorney on 10/19/2021 (jmg). (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 84 ORDER: The copies of the proposed charge containing the parties' written objections and suggestions are ORDERED filed among the papers of this cause. The objections and suggestions of plaintiff are labeled "A" and those of defendants are labeled "B." (Ordered by Senior Judge A. Joe Fish on 10/19/2021) (jmg) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 85 ELECTRONIC Minute Entry for proceedings held before Senior Judge A. Joe Fish: 5th Day of Jury Trial Completed on 10/19/2021. Jury deliberations continued. Jury verdict returned. Jury is excused. Written Judgment to follow. Attorney Appearances: Plaintiff - Charles Bennett with Douglas Turnbull; Defense - Mark Dyer with Alan Moore. (Court Reporter: Pamela Wilson) (Exhibits admitted) Time in Court - :10. (chmb) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 86 Jury Note 1. (oyh) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 87 Jury Note 2. (oyh) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 88 Jury Note 3. (oyh) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 89 JURY VERDICT. (mla) (Main Document 89 replaced on 10/20/2021) (axm). (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 90 FINAL JUDGMENT in favor of Hekmat A Albalouli against Billy E Foster. Pursuant to LR 79.2 and LCrR 55.2, exhibits may be claimed during the 60-day period following final disposition (to do so, follow the procedures found at Exhibit Guide). The clerk will discard exhibits that remain unclaimed after the 60-day period without additional notice. (Clerk to notice any party not electronically noticed.) (Ordered by Senior Judge A. Joe Fish on 10/19/2021) (mla) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
10/19/2021 91 Court's Exhibit and Witness List from Trial held 10/13/2021-10/19/2021. (ndt) (Entered: 10/19/2021)
Jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff for $65,000.00.

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