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Date: 08-12-2019

Case Style:

Sharika Cooper and Bryan Francis v. Thomas McPheron and A.L. Smith Trucking, Inc.

Case Number: 3:18-cv-01092-MEM

Judge: Malachy E. Mannion

Court: United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania (Lackawanna County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Wade F. Suthard

Defendant's Attorney: Joseph F. McNulty, Jr.


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Scranton, PA - Sharika Cooper and Bryan Francis sued Thomas McPheron and A.L. Smith Trucking, Inc. on personal injury, auto negligence and respondeat superior theories claiming to have been injured and/or damaged in a car truck wreck that Plaintiffs claimed was caused by McPheron.

Outcome: 08/12/2019 18 Letter from Cnsl. for pltf. that case has settled. Stip of dismissal will be filed. (bs) (Entered: 08/12/2019)
08/12/2019 19 STIPULATION AND ORDER DISMISSING CASE with preudice and w/o costs to either said party.Signed by Honorable Malachy E Mannion on 8/12/19. (bs) (Entered: 08/12/2019)

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