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Date: 02-10-2018

Case Style:

Waymo, L.L.C. v. Uber Technologies, Inc. and Ottomotto, L.L.C.

Case Number: 3:17-cv-00939-WHA

Judge: William Alsup

Court: United states District Court for the Northern District of California (San Francisco County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Carl Gunnar Anderson, Melissa J Baily, James E. Baker, Linda Jane Brewer, Amy H. Candido, Steven Carl Cherny, Serafina Concannon, David Michael Cooper, Lindsay Cooper, Felipe Corredor, Leo Patrick Cunningham, Patrick Daniel Curran, Patrick Daniel Curran, Rachel Elizabeth Epstein, Nora Feher, Michelle W. Fox, Jonathan S.M. Francis, Thomas Edward Gorman, Andrew Michael Holmes, Joran Ross, James Dubois Judah, Yury Kapgan, Lindsey Keenan, Brian E. Mack, Andrew Peter Marks, John William McCauley, IV, Laurentia McKessar, Rachel Elizbeth Meny, Jeffrey John Miles, Jeffrey Willaim Nardinelli, John M. Neukom, Jared Weston Newton, Sean San-Chul Pak, David Andrew Perlson, Andrea Pallios Roberts, Patrick Thomas Schmidt, Kevin Alexander Smith, Monica Elizabeth Tarzai, Mark Yeh-Kai Tung, Charles Kramer Verhoeven, Lance L. Yang, Ray R. Zado

Defendant's Attorney: Elizabeth Gilmore Balassone, Nicole Townsend Bartow, Aaron James Bergstrom, Matthew Robert Berry, Michael A. Brille, Cory Buland, William Christopher Carmody, Esther Kim Chang, Ling Choi Jackie, Sara Nicole Davis, Meredith Richardson, Rachel Silverman Dolphin, Karen Leah Dunn, Melissa B. Felder, Joshua Nathanial Friedman, Arturo J. Gonzalez, Martha Lea Goodman, Ian M. Gore, Joseph S. Grinstein, Kathleen R. Hartnett, Hamish Hume, Michael Darron Jay, Halley W. Josephs, Rudloph Kim, Ryan Christopher Kirkpatrick, Ian Kreeger, Patrick M. Lafferty, John Pierre Ladad, Scott Fredrick Llewellyn, Daniel Pierre Muino, Kaitlyn M. Murphy, Angela Lucia Padilla, Thomas Julian Pardini, Jessica E. Phillips, Maxwell Vaughn Pritt, Shawn Jonathan Rabin, Wendy Joy Ray, Sylvia Rivera, Kyle N. Smith, Edward Takashima, Fiona Tang, Camila Alicia Tapernoux, Eric Akira Tate, Genevieve Vose Wallace, Michaelle Ching Youn Yang, Melissa Brook Felder Zappala, Todd Andrew Boock, David Shane Brun, Indra Neel Chatterjee, Phong T. Dinh, Arturo J. Gonzalez, Hayes Phillips Hyde, Noah Matthew Jennings, James Lin, Todd J. Marabella, Brett Michael Schuman, Hong-An Vu, Rachel Melisa Walsh, Elizabeth Giomore Balassone, Nichole Townsend Bartow, Aaron James Bergstrom, Michael A. Brille, Esther Kim Chang, Ling Choi Jackie Cheng, Sarah Nocole Davis, Rachel Silverman Dolphin, Karen Leah Dunn, Melissa B. Felder, Joshua Nathanial Friedman, Arturo J. Gonzalez, Martha Lea Goodman, Kathleen R. Hartnett, Hamish Hume, Michael A. Jacobs, Rudolph Kim, Ryan Christopher Kirkpatrick, Patrick M. Lafferty, Scott Frederick Llewelyn, Daniel Pierre Muino, Kaitlyn M. Murphy, Angela Lucia Padilla, Thomas Julian Pardini, Maxwell Vaughn Pritt, Wendy Joy Ray

Description: San Francisco, CA - Uber Agreed To Pay Waymo $245 Million in Urber Stock To Settle

Waymo, LLC sured Uber Technologies, Inc. on patent infringement and theft of trade secret theories claiming that Urber bought Otto, which Waymo claimed had obtained technology relating to self-driving vehicles as a result of Otto's owner downloading Google technology files before leaving to found Otto.

Anthony Levandowski worked for Google on self-driving vehicle technology. He left Google and started Ottomotto. Uber then bought Ottomotto.

Waymo was spun out from Google in 2016.

Waymo claimed that Levandowski took files relating to technology developed by Google.

Levandowski took the Fifth.

The defenses asserted by Uber are not available.

Outcome: Uber agreed to settle with Waymo for $245 million in Uber stock.

Plaintiff's Experts:

Defendant's Experts:

Comments: Editor's comment: One would think that the proof in a case like this would be rather straight forward but looking at the list on the names of the lawyers involved in the case would seem to indicate otherwise.

The New York Times reported that Waymo's attorneys were having trouble with their proof of the elements of their client's claims.

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