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Date: 02-07-2020

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Jane Doe, et al. v. Johnson & Johnson

Case Number: 3:16-md-02738-FLW-LHG

Judge: Freda L. Wolfson

Court: New Jersey

Plaintiff's Attorney: Chris Placitella and Dennis M. Geier

Defendant's Attorney: Not available

Description: Trenton, NJ - Jane Doe, et al. sued Johnson & Johnson on a products liability theory claiming that the Baby Powder that she used was defective and unreasonably dangerous because it contained asbestos which directly caused her to develop cancer.

The Plaintiffs also claimed that Johnson & Johnson violated the Racketeering (RICO) Act through its marketing and sales practices.

Outcome: Judgment in favor of the plaintiffs for punitive damages in the amount of $750,000 reduced to $185 million by New Jersey law.

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