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Date: 07-02-2021

Case Style:

Dante King v. Michael David Collins, II and TJC Transport, LLC, d/b/a Coastline Transport

Case Number: 2:21-cv-05397

Judge: Unassigned

Court: United States District Court for the Central District of California (Los Angeles County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Lisa P. Guren

Description: Los Angeles, CA: Personal injury truck wreck lawyer represented Plaintiffs, who sued Defendants on auto negligence and respondeat superior theories claiming to have suffered more than $75,000 in injuries and/or damages as a direct result of an accident caused by Defendant.

San Bernardino Superior Court, CIVSB2106264

Outcome: 07/02/2021 1 NOTICE OF REMOVAL from San Bernardino Superior Court, case number CIVSB2106264 Receipt No: ACACDC-31571395 - Fee: $402, filed by Defendant TJC Transport, LLC dba Coastline Transport. (Attachments: # 1 Complaint) (Attorney Lisa P. Gruen added to party TJC Transport, LLC dba Coastline Transport(pty:dft))(Gruen, Lisa) (Entered: 07/02/2021)
07/02/2021 2 CIVIL COVER SHEET filed by Defendant TJC Transport, LLC dba Coastline Transport. (Gruen, Lisa) (Entered: 07/02/2021)
07/02/2021 3 CERTIFICATE of Interested Parties filed by Defendant TJC Transport, LLC dba Coastline Transport, (Gruen, Lisa) (Entered: 07/02/2021)
07/02/2021 4 NOTICE of Related Case(s) filed by Defendant TJC Transport, LLC dba Coastline Transport. Related Case(s): 2:21-cv-01440 (Gruen, Lisa) (Entered: 07/02/2021)
07/02/2021 CONFORMED COPY OF COMPLAINT against defendants Michael David Collins, II, Does, TJC Transport, LLC, filed by plaintiff Dante King. (filed in state court 2/17/21, submitted as document 1, attachment 1) (esa) (Entered: 07/02/2021)
07/02/2021 5 NOTICE RE INTRA-DISTRICT TRANSFER by Clerk of Court due to incorrect intra-district venue selected by the filer. Case is transferred to the Eastern Division. Case has been assigned to Judge John W. Holcomb for all further proceedings. Any matters that may be referred to a Magistrate Judge are assigned to Kenly Kiya Kato. New Case Number 5:21-cv-01116 JWH (KKx). (esa) (Entered: 07/02/2021)

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