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Date: 07-13-2023

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State of Missouri v. Michael Hendricks and Maggie P. Ybarra

Case Number: 2016-CR1768-01

Judge: Joel P. Fahnestock

Court: Circuit Court, Jackson County, Missouri

Plaintiff's Attorney: Daniele Sediqzad, Kristiane Nicole Bryant, Ryan Lee Miller

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Kansas City, Missouri criminal defense lawyers represented Defendants charged with first-degree murder, first-degree harassment, and enticement or attempted enticement of a child Actor 21 Yrs Of Age Or Older And Child Less Than 15 Yrs Of Age), child molestation, and sexual misconduct.

Michael Hendrickson and Maggie P. Ybarra were charged with luring a woman, killing her, and burying her dismembered boy in Grain Valley, Missouri.

Outcome: The jury found Maggie Ybarra guilty of second-degree murder, harassment, attempted enticement of a child, sexual misconduct, attempted tampering with physical evidence, and three counts of attempted tampering with a victim.

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