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Date: 11-21-2013

Case Style: Kirste Reimers v. City of Houston, et al.

Case Number: 201136511-7

Judge: Grant Dorfman

Court: District Court, Harris County, Texas

Plaintiff's Attorney: Alex W. Horton

Defendant's Attorney: Maria Fox

Description: Kirste Reimers sued the Houston Police Department and Patrick Hernandez on a negligence theory claiming to have been injured and/or damaged in a collision with a police horse at the Houston Pride parade in 2009. Plaintiff, age 54, was taking pictures when she found herself under the horse. She was bruised and bleeding after the collision and lost several teeth.

Plaintiff's medical expenses were $21,000.00.

The Defendants denied fault and Hernandez repeatedly warned Reimers to get out of the way.

Outcome: The jury found that Plaintiff was 95% at fault.

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