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Date: 01-19-2022

Case Style:

Roosevelt Rose, Jr. v. Becton, Dickinson and Company

Case Number: 1:20-cv-03961-SDG

Judge: Steven D. Grimberg

Court: United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia (Fulton County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Libretta Stennes, Andrew Zachery Ryan Smith, Daniel I.A. Smulian, Enjolique D. Aytch Lett, Lori Gail Cohen, Sean Patrick Jessee

Description: Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawyers represented Plaintiff, who sued Defendant on a negligence theory
claiming to have suffered more than $75,000 in injuries and/or damages as a direct result of an accident.

"Becton, Dickinson and Company, also known as BD, is an American multinational medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems, and reagents. BD also provides consulting and analytics services in certain geographies."

Outcome: 01/19/2022 Clerk's Entry of Dismissal APPROVING 49 Stipulation of Dismissal pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P.41(a)(1)(A)(ii) (jkb) (Entered: 01/19/2022)
01/19/2022 Civil Case Terminated. (jkb) (Entered: 01/19/2022)

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