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Date: 10-09-2019

Case Style:

Hasan A. Khan v. John J. Zerafa, EAN Holdings, LLC and City of New York

Case Number: 1:19-cv-07909-LGS

Judge: Lorna G. Schofield

Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (New York County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Brandon Herbert Cowart and Phyllis Gail Calistro


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New York, NY - Hasan A. Khan sued John J. Zerafa, EAN Holdings, LLC and City of New York on a Federal Tort Claims Act personal injury auto negligence theory.

The case was filed in the Supreme Court, New York County, New York and was removed to federal court.

Outcome: 10/09/2019 13 STIPULATION OF DISCONTINUANCE WITHOUT PREJUDICE: NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED by and between the undersigned parties, by their respective counsel, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a)(2), as follows: 1. Plaintiff's claims against only the Federal Defendant in this action are dismissed without prejudice. 2. This action is hereby remanded to the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, as there is no longer federal subject matter jurisdiction due to the dismissal of the Federal Defendant. (As further set forth in this Order.) John J Zerafa terminated. (Signed by Judge Lorna G. Schofield on 10/9/2019) (cf) Transmission to Docket Assistant Clerk for processing. (Entered: 10/09/2019)
10/09/2019 CASE REMANDED OUT from the U.S.D.C. Southern District of New York to the State Court - Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York. Sent certified copy of docket entries and remand order. Mailed via UPS Tracking Number 1Z E22 E53 22 1002 903 2 on 10/9/2019. (cf) (Entered: 10/09/2019)

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