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Date: 08-06-2019

Case Style:

Brittany Taylor Starr Spurgeon v. Carol Ewel, Robert Ewel, Jr. and Charter Communications, Inc.

Case Number: 1:19-cv-00560-CCR

Judge: Christina Clair Reiss

Court: United States District Court for the Western District of New York (Erie County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Jams T. Scime and Melissa Dorothy Wischerath

Defendant's Attorney: Michael J. Masino for Charter

John Wallace for Eustis

Brett Richard Corson and Nelson E. Carter for Moore Fiber

Patrick S. Kenney for Robert Ewel and Carol Ewel


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Buffalo, NY Brittany Taylor Starr Spurgeon, as Administrator of the Estate of James R. Fogg, Deceased, sued Carol Ewel, Robert Ewel, Jr., Charter Communications, Inc. a/k/a Spectrum, National Grid USA Service Company, Inc., Eustis Cable Enterprises LTD and Moore Fiber Solutions, LLP on personal injury (wrongful death), auto negligence and respondeat superior theories.

Outcome: 08/12/2019 ATTENTION CORPORATION PLAINTIFFS/DEFENDANTS: All Corporate Disclosure Statements pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.7.1(b) are to be filed within seven(7) days of this notice. (CGJ) (Entered: 08/12/2019)
08/12/2019 19 Corporate Disclosure Statement by Charter Communications, Inc., Charter Communications, Inc.. (Masino, Michael) (Entered: 08/12/2019)

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